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sure but i dont agree much
and yes in canada i think your conservatives are prob on part with our centrist liberals
as far as those with influence
you guys are on average way less retarded

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in any case, neo liberals at least push liberal social policies, neo-cons dont give a fuck

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yeah i really, really feel bad for the space agencies
that said, they were one of the things that pulled us out of the cold war
my point is if it wasnt neo-liberals, it would be someone else
because this has likely been going on for as long as weve had enough excess resources to specialize
theres no excess resources anymore and there are no external cultures to take advantage of anymore
neoliberals seem to be especially sneaky about it, but i prefer them to neocons anyday
there are specific groups and people who the label can be safely applied to

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the bulk of R&D is software
i dont think theyre are going to be huge advances in hardware
like, laser blasters and other energy weapons will be further developped, but i dont think thats going to be as influential as it would have been in the 70s and 80s
efexx: i mean, whatever you want to call it, anarchy is the problem
people are interested in protecting themselves and their own
and this is at odds with people wanting to make things fair for everyone, or put another way, to expand the definition of 'you and yours' to include the entire population
with our level and speed of communication, i think anything else is basically suicide
efexx: neoliberalism is basically global corporate anarchy + social issues to make the base happy

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motion failed, i think they vote on republican party doom now
sculptor: election instrusions are an issue, the US is as guilty as anyone, possibly more, but i think attempts to stop it are in the best interest of the everyone
sanctions are typically pretty fucked up as they tend to hurt citizens more than leadership, but if theyre focused on businesses i think its a prefferable alternative to war
i dont think theyre an answer on theyre own and i dont think we are that fair in our diplomacy
but wars are bad
yeah its a problem
i really think we need to consider pulling out of the majority of our bases and cutting military spending to something comparable to our bigger allies
on par with germany, which i think would still be competitive with russia
also i dont think it would be a linear loss in performance as i think the military is very capable of making due with less
but modern warefare should be as expensive as cold war technology

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either way, trump has failed putin and now all putin has is the ability to completely humiliate the west
which i may actually enjoy
slapping the president around to show him what checks and balances are seems like a great idea to me
hes dragged his allies through the dirt
apperently he doesnt know his position is a ceremonial one
efexx: i think they will prob go for other things, treason is death penalty
i think there will be ammendments after this, congress maybe gets shaken up into something a bit more effective for the people
theyre voting on aborting the skinny repeal to send to comittee now
47 yes to 46
47 to 47

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americas power came from its education system
we threw that away in the 80s, and its catching up to us now
itll take 20-40 years to fix, assuming we make the effort, and many signs point to us doing nothing

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i like that guy a lot
we were almost completely untouched after a world war in which the infrastructures of our competitors were decimated
the great america all these nationalist fucks want to go back to was created by sending millions of people to school
we helped
we let it burn for a bit, first
By 1956, roughly 8.8 million veterans had used the G.I. Bill education benefits, some 2.2 million to attend colleges or universities and an additional 5.6 million for some kind of training program.
the people who want to go back to that era are the same people who vote to decimate our education system

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why do you think i dont trust 'made in the USA?'
'we cut more corners to stay competitive.'
our cost of living will drop
because our standard of living will drop
we thought we were magic, turns out not to be the case
you are a minority
older people almost all think that
younger people, seems to split along party lines
of course trickdown didnt work
when you base your whole economy on large corporations acting for the betterment of society, your either dumb or you dont care about the population
i think the people who dont care about the population convinced the dumb ones
reagan was likely one of the dumb ones

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we were chopping up kids in machines due to negligent designs during our industrial revolution
like, if theres suicides at a high school with 3000 students, you dont see people like SHUT DOWN EDUCATION IT KILLS KIDS
also at foxconn factories, many jobs just involves loading and unloading parts from fully automated assembly machines
the megafactories are actually pretty nice, all things considered
its the little shops that are fucked
its honestly not a great trend
if we get more factories it basically means our economy is falling off

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pretty sure the catch is they make money and we work on their terms
ive been saying this will happen in this channel for like 10+ years
and for people who need jobs
that our system has long ago since taken from them, so we can all have cheap shit at walmart
what you think were going to bring manufacturing back on our own?
we sold the machines and the skilled people have retired and we shit on education in general, even trade education
im not sure we deserve higher wages than chinese workers, which are actually bit higher than most people thing
theyre not working for cents an hour
and afaik a lot of their lives are gov subsidized
theyre a business not a charity
you realize thats all bullshit
that the suicide rates are pretty typical
a few suicides a year in a plant that has 40k employees isnt a red flag

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bets on how long before foxxcon is building factory campuses in america for poor people to live in?
love how he tries to spin a chinese company getting mad US government subsidies to build a factory here to take profit back to china as 'Apple is going to build there factories in America!'
i dont even know if apple owns any factories

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damn i dont think mean well is at digikey anymore

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