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be nice!

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like it will try to correct for encoder and overshoot

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dunno, ive seen steppers w/ feedback discussions in linuxcnc
yeah theres a few ways to do it
i guess one of the issues is oscillations, but i dunno the details

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i dont even have those, heh
just have to be super careful about not moving the machine when the drives are switched off, has soft limits and it remembers where it was when it was shutdown

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for the chuck and changer
and motors
the minimill was comrpessed air for the changer
oh damn
i need to get some 10 deg conicals
that looks way clean
if it doesnt snap i think the tips kind of wear to the right depth
copper is super soft compared to the fiberglass
those look crazy

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i dont have tooling table setup
so in the toolpath display its like some 1" cutter instead of the cone it had that i used to like
but like, fuckit, just turn the tool display off and watch the moving toolpath
one day
man id love a cnc with a tool changer
i think thats kind of my minimum if im every buying for a shop
if im spending more than $5k, shit better have a toolchanger
i dont think tormach fits the bill...
yeah im pretty sure, the haas stuff ive used was
so $4k for a pretty badass looking turret changer
actually the lathe may have been hydraulic

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not forever, but long enough you feel like you got a deal
yeah carbide is harder to dial in because brittle
cool, i had super good results with the pyramid tips
its .1 is about right for pcb
i think like between .005 and .008 in?
so .1 to .2
it depends how flat you can keep your work
and how big the pcb is
i made aluminum fixture because bought like 100 6x4 blanks
how does that work?
oh nice
hows mach3 doing?
i dont think ive touched it in like 10 years
yeah i have some ancient linuxcnc install
least 4 years old now, i havent touched anything about setup since install

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kostix: right, like you guy a bunch of units and theyre all fine and the odd one is like, 'did they send the example of what not to do?'
they dont give a fuck man, if it passes QA it passes QA
if it fails QA two times, they run it again and it passes QA, no changes, theyll ship it
honestly a lot of the designs are impressive, im sure ive learned a ton from it
like, crazy cheap, but shit works, low parts
but then theyll do shit like leave off all the 0.1uF decoupling caps
way to save $.02 assholes
did you break any tips?
right, but if you can run em at all its means you got decent rigidity, 10 deg is like nothing ive never run less than 30 degrees
carbide or hss?
when you get the speeds for carbide right, the bits last for a way long time

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id recommend low side sense resistor and a scope, but you're you, so i think you can figure out what works for your situation and available stuff
wow it has a fuse
china made out of money all of a sudden
shrug, i never assume with china shit
some of it works really well, but then you try an identical unit and it blows up, shrug
haha, free shipping
but yeah for split second i went wtf
might as well say elephant free

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so call it like 10% loaded, looks like current is reduced to between 5% and 10%
youd have to figure out moment of area or something, of your ER16 and tool, to figure out how it translates to oz-in
model it as two cylinders or something
even then its hard to figure out because ones to speed i think its all friction losses
right at 450W it would be bit over 9A
so just its a linear curve, but its offset
is there a driver?
if you measure mains you dont account for psu losses
i think you can prob just measure in series with motor, maybe stick some diodes across the meter

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that ones even more confusing
its probably rebranded
looking at motors on bottom

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do you have datasheet?

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fenster: yay
ya np! ty for coming back and letting us know

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19:45:08 <@BlackMoon> little electrocution helmets
^ this exactly

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froome: i dunno what you mean
froome: in linux you can use beep
do you mean like midi?
or that mudular browser daw?
this is fun^
i dunno of any browser based midi player but im sure they exist
d0gzpaw: did presto hot-dogger have endcaps
that design really needs endcaps, not upspikes

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