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i dunno im kind of fat, wouldnt eat the hot dog
not if i could afford $3 to buy that thing

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haha @ ozone dog
i dunno, hes saying electruction isnt possible because its already dead
but i think as an edible item, he killed the hotdog
hes going to eat it?
i dont think he should eat it

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why cant he imagine someone doing hot dogs ohms law math and testing it for a power rating?
thats like, fun day in the lab
this guy doesnt know how to ohms law series and parallel components
which explains his confusion about if it would work with one hotdog

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guy couldnt put on a clean shirt?
so like, you control the cooking temp with number of parallel hotdogs?
or maybe they cook fast enough that internal temps (external to hot dog) dont matter
halways was listening to congress call trump crazy on an open mic

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tho they take longer just because classes arent offered all semesters to do it in two
that doesnt look real
that looks like what an AI thinks a circuit board looks like
is there more?
oh neat, had to lean back

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great way to make electricians smile: i got an AS in electronics and an im EE student, so i dunno shit about electrical
associate in science, 2-year degree

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i dont like parallel because you are relying on the breaker to keep things safe
that said, i run toaster and microwave and CNC machine on same circuit
rab: what if i took the 240V outlet, ran into a little box with two outlets, ran the neutral back on two diff 120V circuits by plugging them in, and then eath on one of those plugs
^why you prob shouldnt come here for electrical help
we know way too much and not enough all at once

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can you easily remove the whole cable?
why cant you get a section of the right kind of cable w/ correct plug, then connect on machine side?
save original in case of warranty or resale
yeah ive seen a lot wired wrong too, so i dunno wtf is what unless i check
ive dealt with high current and very high current 120V stuff, too, so even more confused now
the 50A twist lock 120V plug was most awesome

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in series or parallel?
that sounds like work and cutting into walls and shit
oh, maybe no drywall already shrug
ive done like, plug coming out of a cable clamp on little box with combo switch/outlet
like clunky extension cord w/ switch

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i mean, if there is a power supply for the plasma cutter that converts voltage, the 50A cutter on a 30A circuit might make sense
and i would probably get a screw together plug end if i was okay with the currents being in spec
most of the permanent wires stuff ive seen on big machines, the conduit when all the way to the machine and all wiring connections were done in a little junction box
that looks like normal plug, is it big?

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yeah this is not about electrical stuff really, a lot of people know a lot of stuff but mostly it has to do with your local codes
like, you can prob get help from someone but is def not our area of general expertise

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