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this is like spending $3B on underwater heavy mining gear for your comm sat

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CUI is decent shit for cheap
they do a lot of electromechanical
its offline so no reason it needs to
its not in a metal shell
i just dont understand what makes covering an earth pin hole any safer
i assumed it was to keep the thing stable against the wall, prob what it was designed for
the factory that designed it prob doesnt speaker very good or any english
it looks like itll get stuck when you pull it out
so youd have to pick it out

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like you can rotate shit plugged into them up and down maybe 20 degrees
the big plastic ones i used for testing work stuff worked a lot better
first is only one id avoid
rab: yeah thats normal it helps keep them in
i think its intentional when theyre slightly bent
that adapter sexually identifies as an apache helicopter
boom boom
those look too thin

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they know that and wont fuck you most of the time
yeah sucks
but honestly thats how they get better
they need the money and the business to practice
and what you get is almost always related to how you watch them and how you help them
contact manufacturer
which is the typical china manufacturing business model
very few companies own china factories, the ones that do are usually early adaopters, gone through the pains and are doing it right
no jero thats when you get an office
and you have people live there
and you hire chinese engineers who have spent a lot of time at CM
and you get a china translater whose american and hope theyre on your shide
theyre not, probably
but a job is a job and theyll do the work for $$$
rab: is it actually a wart?
or a brick with cables on both ends
i dont know if those will work great with the thin ones unless its a little guy, like 1A usb switcher
the US side is not very tight on all the ones ive tried

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so its like, mine were actually some factories example of their best work
they prob made 3000 of them to find 10 nice ones to send us
and few of them were kinda wonk
we actually confirmed thats what they were doing with the metal injection molded bridges
make 100, send us 6, of those 3 were not acceptable
we get a shipment, like 80% rejected
eventually we got it working, and some factory learned how to make relatively giant metal sintered part
i mean if you do it right you can
but i think mostly companies lost money and consolidated to deal with losses
it depends
but the way most managers treat factories, its not uncommon
they dont need the business anymore so they dont really take much bullshit anymore
theyll just go email silent about the contact or send you shit or quote you so high if you actually accept theyll be okay with sending you quality, but really they want you to go away
15 years ago, you could go, not know what youre doing to help them, but yell alot, and get results
that dont fly nearly as much
and those big doggy managers are usually not so welcome anymore
i like anker and aukey stuff on amazon
also you can sue in china courts and win
if youre working with decent CMs

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that shit is prob traded in warehouse markets next to import docks
yeah someone 20 years ago once got a cert for the same product six factories ago
thats where i used them
anyway my point is theyre not all the same despite same design so its dice roll
theres wire?
pretty sure mine were just some folded spring copper contacts
right so the contact performance is directly related to the injection molding
thats why i dont like them
the handful that i had didnt even work the same
just use very big heatshrink
for the pro look
i think the ones i was using were engineering samples
for some shit we shipped

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the small ones with the bad plastic ive actually used traveling
i dont really remember specifics but i think one was kind of intermittent
like, they worked but the plastic was cheap so the contact positioning was random (i had a few) and my guess is quality is all over the place
i wouldnt buy them because theyre a cheap shit commodity now
i dont think quality has anything to do with the price and theres enough pics around i wouldnt trust what i get to be whats in the image
but the bigger ones actually seem to have unique molds for the plastics
most dont seem to have the over textured finish to hide sink and flash
i imagine its on par with micro usb cables ay 7-11 here
anyway i dont think that stuff is traceable to its origin so i dont trust it

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right doesnt make sense unless you had other stuff to buy
plastic on those looks decent
not prime
oh fucking webdev
im logged out of my entire life now
theyre more $$$ but sounds like this is a one time thing

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heh everyone one of those ive used felt like shit
unless its bad
do they sell them at digikey or mouser?
or you need it quick

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this is me at webdev
at c, i hit compile and everything works and im like, oh maybe i didnt hit the right button
why cant you build arduino shields?
mofo if you dont build that i will steal your idea
jezus fuck no have you paid attention to yourself in the last 5 years?
you have gotten worse
i think you need to get off the farm and have some difficult experiences
so go work for a megacorp who can afford patents if you want those
hell a minicorp will pay for them

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he wanted to do a local engineering lab for startups
he wanted to do distribution of his product in all the pet stores
he couldnt finish a project
i never got my 1099
so hes prob fucked off on all the paperwork, too
kickstarter is hard unless you know how to design, produce and distribute things
90% of kickstarters are marketing and business people
they dont know anything except what to say to get money
they dont know how much money they need or what to do with it
i wouldnt dicksrat something without having already produced prototypes and having a production design and associated quotes from factories
like, dated formal unexpired quotes
timecop: how
thats how life works timecop
knowledgable people will tell you it cant be done for the budget and dealine
but clueless will say sure that can be done
take them 4x the money, 2x the time, but they got the business

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because he was the CEO so he was in charge i was just a contractor doing what he asked
he paid $2k
its not a great machine, but he could have made the money back
yeah basically timecop
but it paid my rent and bills for a month so fuckit
for a test run, it was better than expected
i have one of the buttons
jero32: the vise didnt hold the mold together
so the pressure pushed the plates apart
he should have bought a vise, we should have done about two more test runs
and then he should have posted the run after as our first test
i think he had already decided he was going to do lost wax because he didnt want to pay me the money for more molds
well, i have a $2k cnc with few $k in tooling and education in cnc manufacturing and like 10 years experience with this specific machine
why when you can post a usable result at the same time?
he understood how to generate hype but he didnt understand anything about engineering and production
when i realized he was dissapointed, i was out
right thats fine
he wanted to make a pet social bubble specific kickstarter

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also yeah dude needed a better vise
shitty pic, that part is maybe 1/4" deep, you can see the button sitting in it
so i could have just turn the dual runner into a single somehow
and he could have gotten a better vise
and he would have been in production
yeah the mold is two halves, you use a vise to hold them, position that under the injection tip
and then its just a big compound lever press, cylinder to put the pellets, and a PID heater

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i was just blown away by how disappointed he was
he didnt understand anything about production
or engineering design either, really
of which?
he also did something like $15k in presale
his attitude was pretty much, if people are out $20 its not a big deal so what
note the little button
theyre usable

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me and the manufacturing engineering kids he tried to replace me with were like, just hit them with a drill blank and a hammer wtf. looks like he didnt get much work out of them besides changing the texture of a CAD model
its a good idea he could have made tens of thousands easy
he had distro contacts and he was actually decent at social media within his doggy people bubble
but guy didnt know how to make shit
what i saw as an incredibly positive first test of a DIY injection mold machine and an opetunity to turn a production line on within days, he saw as a failure
shrug, i got 1K out of it and proved my mill can do two setup parts within .002 on one axis and like .001 on the other
good experience
jero32: the mold was fine
the small part for the button came out piterally perfect
which was dumb
tho even the failure wasnt that bad
the issue was i tried to do two cavities in one mold and the machine didnt have the pressure to push the plastic through the runners fast enough for two
but that was like, super easy fix in the mold
but as a proof of concept demo, that shit worked and the molds were medium quality production level
not apple shit, but on par with china shit at amazon

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so either the trolls phished him or they stole the money from themselves
jero32: no never
his secon dickstarter on tilt is dead
funded like, hundreds out of $15k for casting gear
this is after he spent all the previous monet, he got business grants too, on an injection mold machine, a cnc he didnt use, and daily burrito
he said he had $3k set aside for me, he bitched about paying $1k, tried to get me to take profit shares after i did the work
after this, i offered to machine all his molds for another $1k or something
and he decided to do lost wax castings and another dickstart
he could have been in production within weeks
also he hadnt order the click plates in over 2 years
he finally got them at the end before shutting down
he didnt know how he was going to dimple them

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but you pay for it and own it, if you know what youre doing
and you get it back from them
timecop: wait
the bank did a typo
but the transfer hit the acct and bounced back
timecops vid
timecop: plastic mold and some soldered wires?

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he got some high school kids to do that CAD for him
its a good idea
he blew it all on burritos and a CNC he didnt know how to use, ended up using mine
jero32: depends, typically you hand off CAD files of positive and the injection molded do the mold

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rab: did it, came out pretty good
about ~2 mil mismatch in one direction on the mold, but its not suitable for large parts with unheated molds
youcant generate the pressure to fill the cavity before it cools
that dickstarter was such an idiot at manufacturing
aluminum, i believe ABS and PET with similar results
that dickstarter was such an idiot at manufacturing, he gets a result first night that shows he can prob tune it into something usable within days
and he gives up after seeing the second smallest part come out
like, wasnt perfect
but thats what he posts to all his social media
then he decides to change entire business plan
goes to lost wax casting
uses the injection mold design instead of something sexy because he doesnt realize the compromises were for injection molding
does a dickstart on another platform, doesnt make enough money to fund burrito truck every day
so shuts it down

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i have no idea i just i shouldnt try and touch it while its not dark fucking grey
im amazed dude in the center didnt just run
hes more like, when is this gonna be over i got shit to do
no i think run is probably the better move
backwards at first with weight not to far ahead of your step
gotta be able to strafe
or side jump

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jero32: im not sure you really have options other than letting the shit cool down and throwing it back to the foundry

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thats gotta suck

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i thought LA didnt have enough electronics shops, then i moved here
we have an RC shop
speaking, of have to try and rescue bunch of li-ion cells
left them attached to little modules and now the chargers are ignoring them =(

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i kind of assume its all the same set of factories
plato and hacko flush cutters are comprable
same design, but the metal punching and the grip material on the hakko ones is nicer
im pretty sure even solder vacuum solution is kind of crappy
its just crappy work

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ha yeah
scope cost: $50, shipping cost: $150
knockoff hakko tips are basically the same and couple dollars
the stuff aoyues ship with is comparable to hackos tips
jero32: because budgets and accountants and 50-100% cost diff is huge
jero32: even if youre going through a dozen a year, for the price of a hakko tip, you can buy a tip and other accessories you need
sponges and flux and shit
i wouldnt buy knockoff tips for a lab, but i would definitely try them out for a small line

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if you want a cheap dso, buy a pair of 2330
its 70s style analog tank tek w/ vector graphics DSO mode
yeah i dont use my tek as much as my shit rigol
if you want something used and modern, maybe just get an old TDS scope
old TDS or new rigol is prob highest value when considering reliability
jero32: old tek scopes are more a collectors thing than a techs thing
i have mine because i like how theyre built
i mean, they have problems because theyre 30 and 50 years old
but as momentos of west coast engineering, i <3 them

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ha, he bought a new one before they were discontinued
and bought some flame decals for it from an RC site
this is a 70 year old guy plays with tube amps and vintage solid state all day, heh
er, 936
i need a dining table or some shit, i eat at my desk and my keyboard gets pushed into weird far position at weird angle, and i keep using it like that
omg yes
if youre basically competing for units an hour, higher temps is gonna help
its not even about doing more work its about keeping a job and eating
same with with production test
workers get bitched out if they fail a ton of products
its their job but theyre putting other people in a tought situation

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jero32: higher end stuff is geared towards production a lot
temp fixed tips are prob best way to lockout adjustments
the lockout on the analog 936/fx888 is a joke
i think thats why they went exclusively digital
its like the kob clamps are made for 80 lb china girls
thats not a theory, thats either a primary goal or a secondary benefit
its not a shitty ui for production
its perfect
and i think thats where they make significant if not majority money
the amount of bulk sales of 936 a few years ago was nuts
a lot of those were prob replaced with fx888d
the lockout on the 956 is a set screw clamp around the base of the knob
itds a bit silly, it prob didnt work very well in production
but theyre great irons, so sold a ton anyway
other hacker says they been around since the 80s
he remember the sales guy who sold him his in the late 80s

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metcals with big tips are pretty cool for disassembly, but i dont think its worth it for that one specific use
anything with a knob set to 11 will handle big parts on a pcb pretty quick
i bitch, but they work amazing
theyre just $$$ with delicate tips
and theyre the best tips ive used
i dont even know if metcal has any stations besides the one technology they use
can you even get metcal hot air?
$700 for some shit blows hot air
and thats why i cant justify much metcal
you can get more in a station thats as funtional for air for $150, and itll last years in a lab

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i believe its the tips
metcal tips are like tissue paper
shrug, i wouldnt use metcal for anything except smd and delicate TH so temp wouldnt need to change much
honestly i dont like them very much for general use, i would spend the money on something else, i even prefer those miniplug weller tip stations

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jero32: i looked, i dont think the thumbnails happen =(
for some reason amazon is telling me shit i bought few nights ago just shipped
ups is like, you your shit is on the truck gonna be here today
yeah i made sure it was amazon sourced
so like, i think we've reach the moment when amazon starts tripping over its marketplace resonsibilities?
because my marketplace shit is pretty instant lately

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jerrycurl: would desolder or vaporize, be fine

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