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ghost in the shell movie is better than the anime
anime almost doesnt make sense, just looks way cool
oh nice they use the original anime music for the end credits

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i need to replace few of my pcb drills too
is a numbered letter fractional set, up to like 1/2" or something
and right they aint gorgeous, but they def work, dont seem undersized

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because itll jack into the 1/8" spring collet
~.125 for pretty tight fit
#4 is a bit looser i think, same hole
m3 is like .117 and #4 is .112, 100% major diameters
tubaman-: i just mean for pcb clearance holes
which is usually the 100% major and some change
rab: hes not going to sell me literally all the drills for $25
all the drills is useful to have

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have like 150 drills to go
rab: shrug, this shit acts exactly like TiN HSS
cuts clean as fuck until it doesnt and then performance drops off hella quick
well ya
you can look at them with magnification you can see the grinding is pretty rough
but complete set is like $20 or something?
and like, ive done 2" deep drills with the 3/8" bit
in 6061 with my tiny machine
the bits arent trash, theyre just not nice, but they do what TiN HSS is supposed to
dunno if i want to drop $11 and mcmaster shipping on carbide drill
that shit will finish all the pcb but then wtf am i going to do with it
hmm its maybe good for #4/M3 holes
i double check, but thats not a bad deal

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they can just sell the random leftover bits and theyre already buying in qty
because ebay seems to be local places
carbide tooling seems to be same deal
doesnt seem as worth it to china vs pumping out hss and cobalt steel shit
can get china TiN HSS drills for pennies probably
speaking off, i need to replace bunch of my hss tin drills from big HF set
HF drill set is pretty good deal, nothing wrong with it except theyre made out of HSS
i got about 60 drills through PCB w/ TiN HSS
i prob go one drill size higher

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what is that, some pwm bullshit?
confirmed, can turn that into some vaporizer shit
shrug, fets are cheap
prob a shit carbon pot, not worth anything in china
is why it isnt worth anything
pretty sure online metals is cheaper than mcmaster for a lot of shit like that
mcmaster isnt that bad tho
if you want to get way lower than that without going local, buy way more @ online metals, or ebay
i dont think mcmaster quantity discount is as good
i bet if you contated an ebay seller, they would sell you the exact cut you want if you need a few

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also those prices are to own, not some down payment shit
fi is cheap
cheap enough i didnt even realize i was paying the monthly insurance
some services wont text it tho
like one of my banks is all fuck you, so i was like fuck you
i made it clear it wasnt personal but that the cust service girl should pass on that message, fuck you
thats actually kinda cool
is your bank far?
should tell your boss you want to do four 10s!
guys besides lcd fungus nexus 5x is fine i just done love it like nexus 5

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a good pace to detonate
, sorry
should i get a pixel
guys why does my nexus 5x suck like everyone elses
i loved my nexus 5 like everyone else
except prob the guy i sold it to, he didnt seem to know any better
its got like an LCD pixel fungus, its spreading
timecop: i can get one for $79
or an xl for $99
i dont install many
shit i use it for 2 factor almost as much as anything else

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