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yes but we laughed about this years ago and then a few months ago and now the interesting things are shes melting a connector and shes pretty cute but maybe needs to wash her hair
and this channel existed before freenode was openprojects

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shes gonna burn the card connector
shes cute tho

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rab: those two lines were unrelated, right?
does this mean zombies happen now?
well sure hes a human

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all i have are 6 pin ISP cables
i need a 10 pin cable
i have like a bag of 100 10-pin isp box headers
i wonder if sure electronics is still around

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jero32: im prob going to make a cnc PCB tonight to test all the china pcb

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jero32: dicktrace has a drill export bug
yeah china didnt fuck it up
there were two drills in file and it didnt export them
i threw a dummy hole in the board file, didn't export, increased annular past the min on the dummy hole (these were mount holes) and everything showed up
removed dummy hole, export works fine now
so maybe didnt see circular rings so didnt check for drills because rings unde rmin, shrug

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jero32: these are chinese

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