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they still try and look like it
anyway its function following form
ive no problem scrolling right and left in daw, cad/cam, spreadsheets with logitech mice

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apple art school mice are bullshit
the one with the tiny tracball and the button on the side is great example of fail
you try and pick the mouse up so you can travel a full screen, and side buttons get pressed
ya no
the standard $10 logitch w/ scroll wheel is pretty much perfect as far as shape and function
the ones with side scroll are ++ but i hardly use it

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i have the mg chem ones
use them enough and they dump out
they all do it
so its a known problem

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somd smd stuff i would use enough flux to literally submerge parts
get the nice fillets under flux
its a bitch to clean and its wasteful
flux pen is good if you can figure out how to use it without it dumping averywhere
gel flux and toothpicks are pretty good
and then you go to use it and it all dumps out

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