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jezus fuck timecop
wait maybe i am misreading you and you are trying to math
okay well it depends
sometimes positive angle is CW, sometimes its CCW
in math in CCW, in everything else its CW, so in cad its either
and sometimes the shit will be like fuck you if you try and use negative angles
or the opposite and it will be like fuck you if you use larger than 180
youre ordering something?
i mean you should figure it out for your toolchain
wtf cant its your shit
did you get something in your eye?
ya i tldr'd

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thats cool

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i feel like i should just buy those
i think he wants $10 each
he can go fuck himself

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i dunno why that has to be that way
but thats fuckin cool
so that to-220 dip has a hole in one side
thats almost as weird as a tab
blackmoon: thats an audio trick!
also bit long shaft couples for pots
hey they were innovating they didnt know
theyre prob all potheads its oregon

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once i figured it out i loved it
like, there is a 1K sample mode, which is one screen, you can save 3 or 4 of those
then there is a 4k sample mode, and you can like, scroll around horizontally and see 1/4 of the sample set at a time
can only save one of those
haha wtf
is tek they do what they want
they want triangle chips?
they get triangle chips

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mine either works (90% of the time) or complains about a video driver error (5%) of the time, but sometimes analog mode still works without vectory indicators
and the rest of the time it completely spazzed out
like zoom out a trace is just pinned like fuck you try tomorrow
i found service manual and slid out the board and it was like an army of dips and i was oh shit and put it back
need to prepare for this shit
<3 <3 <3
its either full vector DSO, or analog with analog indicators
it has tracking cursors
its awesome
yeah i think this needs newcaps

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non spooled silicone wire seemed too good to be true
i need to buy caps for my tek vector dso
and hack a new ui encoder into it
is pushbutton center rotary encoder =\
maybe it is a funky connection?

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kevtris: thats for cutting
and yes
theres a lever on cutting torches that basically full opens the oxy valve
like, when youre doing it right, the metal doesnt melt out the bottom
it just goes away
no bullshit, right through 1" plate my first try
like 12" across, by the time i was toward the other side, the begining of the cut had warped open to like 1"
it was an 1/8" cut
that would take hours with a mill
special tooling
youd be like fuck this why am i not using a saw
im bummed out i thought i had teflon wire for the other end of this cable and id be able to heat shrink these sexy butt connectors, but no

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blackmoon: skateboard bearings are no bullshit, a lot of them are abec spec shit
ha yeah notized it get all wonky in the last wheel scene
like theyre basically spindle bearings
is also exactly why you dont let kids ride your machine tools down the street

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ha crazy
@ wheels
oh neat you can erc check your pipes
ah no 'pins'
still pretty cool what you did there

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ha nice pipe fitting footprints
and i really like the CAD engine in eagle

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ew dont eat those

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naw quicker than cutting traces and blue wires
like, digital shit and new solderless breadboards, prob works almost all the time

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