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damn, vette got puncture

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you should star ground everything, including the ground plane
cut it up
and assuming your ground potential is earth ground, do the ground plane with that

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thats really neat

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its not very hard to math, in physics electricity is defined by force
because physicists are weird
sculptor: nice
little round dots?
those are perfect for wire-wrap wire
oh, big
that plus dab of hot glue and you can swing the pcb around your head by the wires

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it is bit it takes a bunch of effort

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doesnt pop off and you can usually close an enclosure with them still attached
you need to ring stuff out to figure out if the buttons are pulled high or low and on which side
besides that, just a tiny bit of flux, fine soldering tip, steady hand
you can also scrape away soldermask and solder to traces
if you are worried about soldering directly to electromechanicals
yeah if its about doing it undetected, shrug
i would catch most minor rework
a lot of time returns go to the lab techs to troubleshoot
synth: ha, i would notice
this is the first shit to look for, solder joints that dont look like they came out of reflow, or flux from secondary soldering process

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right you can try lead grabbers or whatever
but usually some tiny stranded wires soldered to what matters works out best

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i need to do a laundry

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blackmoon: the transformers are configurable out for 4/8/16, and the input impedance is huge
right i think its just expensive
might actually sound good
i just like the simplicity, can prob do a channel in under 10 parts

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$175 for 1ch 120W

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what if i just rectify mains to DC and PWM through an audio output transformer
who can stop me?! i can make it toslink input

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sounds not to bad
is munki like worst korea munki?
sounds like no
ha, other #electronics monkey

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readerror: right, will be looking into wraith, current setup is basically what was running someplace else and what was easy to setup short notice
tho has been doing pretty okay for a week

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is prob a grease?
so oil + soap

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morning channel people
le mans 24h pirat stream

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