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right i know, thats where .017 comes from

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_unreal_: is this for something goes fast?
if its for a high speed controller then its probably enough resolution
but if you need positional accuracy then yeah gonna need to gear way down somehow
right is why im making the point
why dont you buy shaft encoders for them?
1/4-20 is kinda light, no?
i think mine is like 1/2-20
right but youre doing something prob same or more load than mine
right my long axis is 11.5"
so .05"/rev
so unless you gear down, like .017" resolution
for a 20 tpi screw
how fast do these things go?

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like basically, once you decide to stop or slow, the system will have already settled acceptably before you get get another hall transistion

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_unreal_: how far down are you going to gear the motors?
i suppose if you gear down and/or use fine screws you can get away with the coarse positional feedback
_unreal_: honestly dont trip on the PID stuff yet
if you can get the system up you can work on feedback processing later
maybe like, get the controller up, get your uC connected, spin the motor and just use the halls as tachometers for now
i mean its possible that since your resolution is so coarse, the response time will be fine w/o pid, or you wont have enough samples that pid makes much of a diff within a single revolution

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i think BLDC
most of the hall sensor based systems ive worked on also had optical encoders
like, i think the hall sensors are for the coil switching, and the optical encoder is for PID
a lot of the systems didnt even have a real driver IC, just some opamps driving some transistors
like, three parallel class-B amps
i think input signal was mixed in with hall sensor output somehow
but there was a uC that tracked the optical encoder and drove the motor controller

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jero32: i think it relates to how fast it is changing, no?
right so vs setpoint it depends on other things
the error gets subtracted out

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right i was just curious how you were using it
pancakes is neat, i would have guessed turning them into aluminum L brackets

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what you just like, bent them in the middle?

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tubaman: right but i think contractually they were supposed to destroy it

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oh man i want her to get down
oh i read this girl crazy, shrug
but yeah wtf and when he has to lean left to balance the bike at the end fuuuuuuu

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<3 ewaste bins
rab: an ewaster one of exjobs used was caught taking shit from bins and putting it on ebay
customer: yo my speaker doesnt work
service: that speaker doesnt exist, how do you have that
all engineers and techs in deep shit for possible selling unreleased prototype, until someone figured out it came from the ewaste contractor
after that we just sat on prototypes until we had time to destroy them or project was cancelled or shipped

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and i believe init had mentioned that you just weren't there a lot of the times he responded
because you dont idle so much
typically it would take a day or two for him to get back to me i think others have had similar experiences

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kastein: init left because #cars drama, i set up an eggdrop quick, joellama brought in some rando and his bot, two bots from #cars helping because we've shared bots with #cars for like 100 years
also leptons and quarks showed up but no idea if its actually leptons and quarks, think so, shrug
random person
to you
anway, im not really worried about that guy
shrug, honestly most of my communication with you has been about you complaining that the bots weren't opping you
so weve established you care, so that helps

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