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sculptor: multiple samples per track would work
everything is pulled off usb flash so pretty instant

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uhohz disco beats

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sculptor: eh?
heh, allen keys make pretty convenient fixture shims

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i think so but not even long enough to have an impression
oh hmm maybe im thinking something else
i would have remembered the zoomed out scroll view thing
yeah i maybe try that later
i go feed the cnc

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ha, <3 gcode
58000 lines of code
search 'T', 4 hits
yeah i opened it up started using it in few seconds, doesnt bog down on big file
big of scroll delay while it loaded the last 20k lines
like half second
i was using ps pad since forever but i dont even know if its still developed
atom is neat but slow
and right, it crashed three times trying to edit a gcode file
so fuck it
no atom

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holy shit
hitting home in atom editing a gcode file locks it up
twice so far
eck0: what are you text editing with lately
oh its not even hitting home
adding a character does it
i like their waffle grill brakes/controls
atom is a neat concept but has heavy java trash issues
this is like visual studio with light ui?

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that would be fine for normal city power line
obviously youre not going to use it for HV distribution lines

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23:28:05 <+cheater> Raccoon-: $300 per ft is insane. maybe it's a foot wide?
if youre city power line insulation got ripped off by hurricane or whatever, $300 is prob pretty cheap vs new cable
situations where you would need something like that, few hundred dollars is cheap
heh, time and drama and cleanup from that is probably more $$$
Registered in the NASA database Cage Code 1UGZ7
what do orings and loose tiles have to do with heatshrink?
anyway, its an approved product which means you reduce liability using it

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raccoon-: because if youre using it means you fucked up bad
and making something like that which actually works is hard
because as a concept, its pretty crackish

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yeah i think thats the solution if trying to be cheap and use inline fuses
er, sorry scrolled up i meant sculptors last post
yeah cheater might be right

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i wouldnt trust IDC connections for something like that
then use heatshrink
sculptor: 1 to 5, i think
1 wire into 5 wires, so connecting 6
shape doesnt really matter if theyre all connected at one node
you can also ring terminal to a bus bar

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if 15A is enough, i would just do that and jump crimps on the input side
like, little 2" wire jumpers
then use something like this and inline fuses, shrug

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attraction and repulsion has to do with charge polarity, which has to do with the insulator has lost or gained electons
raccoon-: if this is for fuses, maybe use a fuse block with screw terminals and stacked ring terminals?
er, stacked ring crimps

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static until it breaks the arcing threshold
jangkro: ya because electrons moving in the arc
raccoon-: you mean like 3 wires into 2 wires?
twist together and butte crimp
yeah not sure i understand, make a pic
jangkro: if it holds a static charge, its not so conductive, electrons dont move through it easy

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yeah so tasty
they have them in sac around the river, and north of here, but not really any here =\
just poison oak

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dx^: heh @ blackberry farm
have you been to blackberry country?
the shit is like a nuisance, covers fences and takes over any open space, and the patches grow thick enough you wouldnt be able to access most of the berries because youre not a rabbit
pretty sure like, taming blackberry bushes is a full time job

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