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thats kind of my point
also strip line is kind of like broken ground planes

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so youre just counting on them being spread out enough, and that transients are absorbed enough
giant unbroken ground pour with anything high speed or decent performance analog doesnt always work out, its like rolling dice

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ground pours can also couple interference to random parts of the board
they can also ground loop
which i guess is interference but if its bad its just going to be random ass noise
you should star ground to PSU
your pour should work within that strategy, usually it just requires a couple traces on a keepout leyer to cut the pours so they cant loop or lift something elses ground
also you should generally try to cross currents at right angles, if there are high current in your unbroken pour, current paths are hard to predict

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autorouting busses individually after doing power layout and then working the rest of the traces through so they dont butt heads is cool
but most people who are like YAY AUTOROUTER dont mean that,, they mean import schematic, place components, hit go
like, signal trace 0.012", ground traces, 0.012" power traces 0.012", parallel everything everywhere
giant ground pour = advanced autorouter

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man fuck autorouter
almost everyone who is like AUTOROUTER has no business using an autorouter
doing that whit without looking retarded is harder than just laying out the PCB by hand
thats my point
autorouters used for mobos arent just import schematic and press go
using an autorouter to route busses at once makes sense
when you have literally thousands of nets
for a proto i would def hand route
because you need to make sure the shit is testable, reworkable

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00:34:49 <+TubaMan> 4th year i think
so its usually senior/grad course
i dont think they can
eh plenty of jobs that have nothing to do with PCB cad
someones gotta sell test gear to EEs
also a lot of EE have techs/draftsman do pcb CAD
like a lot of ME will have draftsman do their CAD
maybe he did and thats all he had time for because other classes
hey do you think that rework is with solder?
because thats kinda pro, i dont think i could do that
yes but on purpose!?

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