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no i like, i need to heat the ambient air
not the other way around

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k trying to run thermal simulations in solidworks while playing KSP

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from the sound of it, they fucked up by not hiring experts from other teams, and then they wouldnt lock down designs in time to test for reliability changes
one of their engineers said they were basically chasing more power until the last minute
who is the quote from?
i guess they will legit stick their hands inside your underwear now
and yet they still do horribly in undercover testing
in 10 years the US will probably be occupied by the UN

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timecop: i dont even get paid
timecop: and yeah its assumed fernando would be racing another series if it wasnt for the money in F1
tho he may be buying out his contract soon to get away from honda
i dont think he made a bad decision
its not like honda hasnt been racing since they ran with mclaren in the 80s/90s
they were midfield until 10 years ago, their team got turned into a championship team by brawn, and that team is now mercedes
ya hes maybe genuinely cursed by racing gods
oh no doubt

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05:32:32 < timecop> renesis: some jap won some dumb race do hyou know anything about it
takuma sato, former formula 1 driver, won the indy 500
fernando alonso was leading the race at one point, and had the highest average speed
but his honda engine blew up, ironically
he was racing in indy 500 instead of the f1 monaco grand prix because his f1 honda engines keep blowing up
this was honda trying to make it up to him
instead, alonso honda engine blew up
and both mclaren-honda drivers ended up out at monaco
ha, button qualified okay, 7th i think? but then his something blew up and it was him and alonso's 5th engine, so he got a 15 place grid penalty
timecop: honda pretty much blew it
3 years of depressing F1 performance aside, they could have had a major PR rebound from this
instead, they fucked alonso again
arguably the greatest driver on earth, dead last in F1, completely honda's fault

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or any microcontroller

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i think maybe you just set dir pin and enable with brake off

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heh, is the problem the motor controllers?

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i dunno details but i believe its a configurable state machine
k what is question

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jero32: what in the fuck

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m3h: heh

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