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tecan: ha, noisia used a tool like that to make some wrong sounding kicks
besides the well known aphex twin example

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i just mean how it looks from main
in ram from rom?
yeah maybe thats why it does weird shit with hal
makes more sense than higher level c
i knew this

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right so i never really pass with []
wait so if you char* its like someone did a char[] outside of main?

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like i was following some example code, i did whatever[] instead of char* and it bitched, i looked at example code and it had char*, i did that and shit worked
didnt have time to poke further
see that doesnt make sense jero32
because i can do a whatever[] and pass it as whatever when i spec char* as input variable type
but thats what it is, its not a char*!
youre not putting an address, c just assigned an address because clever
when i pass i just put string array name
because char* for function input
i think if you do char[] itll pass a copy?

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so when you char* is allocates string mem as a block and its not indexed?
its like c makes sense to you and then some except stomps you in the face
oh no wait i did char* for a constant and then used ascii[] for a buffer like a week ago, so sculptors code makes sense in that context
there was some reason i used char* instead, i think some function bitched when i fed it char thing[]
can you just make a script that runs 7z tecan?
right so why would they be diff
an array is just a point that indexes based on pointer type
if theyre the same thing how come the function didnt like one
i dont remember
maybe some st hal abtraction thing
probably the uart stuff because why else would i string

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cn stm32 transplant success, uart is uarting
no more breadboard
sculptor: wait what

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ya fuck objects

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rab: shrug, unless you made a collar you would have to set z, so setting X once isnt a big deal
jero32: i was arguing youre way makes more sense
*your even
but im not sure it works in c
i know char* does
did you fissit?

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tecan: does it need a space?
unzip, between -p and the password
that too but maybe c++ is like fuckit and gives you a string
char* pw="password"; // i think is string?
yeah its one or both of those
right but i feel like with the char* one the compiler has to think
like taken literally ive never liked that syntax, char[] makes sense
jero32: right but youre not assigning an addy youre assigning data

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no i was wondering how much board you lose
do the pin carriers move?
or do you have to get the drills pretty close
right but you have to drill the PCB, right?
how do you get the spacing right for the pins
ha nice
i imagine if youre slightly off the pins get tight in the holes, might actually work better than dead on

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rab: you know whats more annoying than bottom drills (which im still surprised youre surprised at)
fucking soldering TH from both sides
stupid to92
oh, also: how does LPKF align boards for flipped operation?
no almost every CAM export has a mirror option
pcb-gcode just generated both because why not it prob takes 3 seconds, compared to generating paths and linear gcode
so you drill the blank pcb with two drills, slide pins to line up?
yeah that fixes that problem
how big are the pins?
oh, you said 3mm

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which happens in every r&d lab ever
meh i gotta to fatigue analysis on this stupid pump rotor
mechanical engineering is not so much fun

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ha whats the fluffy pad punching the ICs?
would have to be some undercover shit
or possibly just boring because exactly what you expect
take apart product, take some pics of boards, clone in eda
i bet everything you can think of has happened
including just turning images of copper into gerbers
thats diff, thats some educated mfkrs and high end tools
that would be neat to see
but REing a product isnt so diff than tearing down competitive product for research

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all the ones ive seen were used in china
either we made the fixtures he and sent them there, or the ones we had were stuff they fabbed for our manufacturing runs
amplifier boards, so around the size of a sheet of paper, so pretty big clamps
i dunno, i trust east europe about as much as china
those guys are like us

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oh neat, most the ones ive seen are more open frame than that

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shrug, hold pins up in vice between something that wont melt, tick board on top and solder
when done go back and redo tack joint
oh i thought you mean soldering the pogo pins in
rab: big clamp w/ g10 bits?
omg those things are like $$$$
theyre big and precise and need to be machined on a decent cnc to work well
rab: ive seen bunch of custom variations, the big frame and dampers seem to be the common thing

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to align pins?

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omg <3 credit union, customer service wasnt indian

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man, need my second bank acct #, try to login to bank to get it, login not working, go to reset
asks for bank acct number

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was glacern the place in ventura?
Glacern Machine Tools is a manufacturer and distributor of CNC vices and tool holders located in Southern California.
heh, their contact page just says california
dont think ive seen it, will prob not watch the new one
oh that sounds maybe neat
prob will have car chases and explosions
blackmoon: ask planedoc in #cars
alarm code = phone number

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oh haha
tubaman_: you cant canu(|<
because thats how blackmoon autobans flyback, 100% effective

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what did tubaman do?

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9v battery acquired
via lacing electrical test is success, diptrace -> flatcam -> linuxcnc is a thing
no 2 pack at safeway, like $7 bucks wtf
this time i made sure to buy the actual energizer instead of the store brand w/ clone packaging
needed battery rinaow
thats not today
shit batteries, trying to avoid that
last 9v lasted maybe a month in the dmm
yeah panasonic is ok

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