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nice, got toolpaths, just have to tack on an M30 linuxcnc is happy
so dicktrace -> flatcam -> lunixcnc seems like pretty usable workflow

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rab: k flatcam is easily the most awesome solution for this so far
well assuming the shit runs, program ui is neat

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hmm done except i guess for redoing the to92 patterns

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man this board gonna take so much via soldering
i need to just start ordering boards this would go so much faster and mindless

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that sounds right
oh my bad i missed the M

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no probably not
sounds like its over

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sounds scary

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guys, f1 in two hours
bottas gonna win it
max will crash
no prob already passed?
damn you were right
because probably lewis is gonna win
f2 is a spec series, all the same car, feeder series for f1, they run earlier in the day on the same tracks

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use conical resistors instead?

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the first one places in schematic was the only one didnt have pads shorted in pcb so i replaced all of them with the first one and now shit works

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wtf some bullshit with the diodes

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wait does optimize ratsnest just randomly connect close shit
yeah wtf this shit is just all fucked up
like, created a completely new schematic and associations are all fucked

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yeah i dont get it compare to schematic says it cant find net 2, im looking at net 2, shit says pads dont matcdh gnd, i dont even know what that means

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dicktrace officially broken
its connecting nets that are not connected
ait so you have to update from schematic and then optimize ratlines or it just leaves shit all connected fucked?
why wouldnt it just do that
now its doing it to a capacitor

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yeah i wouldnt want a car i dont think
i went once in car, once on plane/foot, car was neat but kind of drama
like, wtf yo why you park my car stacked 40ft in the air

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jobs bro
semi-rural n california
cheap, no jobs
yes and no
snow and rain is kind of magical to me because grew up in draught
and then it smells in july/aughust
i been there couple times

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i should move to new york

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id trust that one more, dunno if its worth the money tho

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timecop: do you actually setup the ERC signal types?
in dicktrace

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and if you try and use a self tapping type coarse thread, it can just break the print, because crap shear strength
external thread plus heat after tapping would prob work well but it would be messy cutting the threads and time consuming

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you can use self tapping screws but you have to make the screw bosses very thick and they will strip out very quickly with repeated use
but with threaded inserts its pretty usable for real shit
gimme a minute or two
2nd one i would trust with a heated screw to install
you cant use external thread inserts really because you cant tap print material
like, you can but results are random and it wont hold

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dfm is 3d gluegun technology that all the home shit uses
wait is it dfm, its not dfm
it is but its much more homogeneous
like, fdm is less brittle but its like cottage cheese so usually itll break before sla anyway
like the layers will seperate
you cant expect an ABS design to 3d print in abs and have the same stength properties
like, an injection molded boss will hold a self tapping screw fine, but printed the boss just rips apart then breaks off
for stuff like that in prints you want to use press fit inserts and melt them in
threaded inserts for mount screws

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what i would expect are a lot of little issues
like, bad connector crimps or shit solder joins or random torque on fasterners or horrible surface finish in some areas or rough leadscrews or cheapass UI components
but enough might be good that if youre okay at troubleshooting and fixing little stuff, you come out way ahead
all of american imported consumer products are basically based on this model
yes totally
you may never even discover all of the issues with your china machine
and thats maybe not a bad thing because it means you prob never had to take it completely apart to get it going
those are $$$ and also not great as far as toxic chems
but theyre the best 3d prints, imo
DFM is pretty shit in comparison

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i guess i could try replacing the china caps
doesnt seem like theres anything else on the board to go wrong, its got 10k nrst and 10k from boot0 to vcc/gnd select jumper
im not
what looks expensive on that to you?
the most expensive looking single part on that thing is the psu and i bet its around $5 in china to china
all of them
if you dont have a lot of experience with 3d printers i would stay away
if thats aluminum body and not plastic its prob not a bad buy if youre willing to fix the shit thats wrong with it
which might be nothing

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rab: i fixed issue where vcc-R-led circuit was driving motor darlington base when pin was hiz
and it resets 10/10 times w/ butan, still like maybe 2/3 battery connect reset
thats not end of the world

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not enough reason to investigate, permanent suspected OD

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