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i hate that!
or at least just click over one mode
but im afraid to turn the auto-off off
because i know i kill it after a few times
i think its holding the HOLD button while power on, on mine

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this a fluke 111
i like it because its little
i think i bought a CVS battery because looked like energizer battery
my bad wallgreens
i got played yo

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omg fluke ate its 9v already
considering how annoying its auto-off is, thats pretty fucked up

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thats cool tho i can put PCB somewhere where reset button is easy to get to

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timecop: fuckin all that cubemx junk code, and they didnt even both to setup init functions with #defines
so instead of being able to do some TIM17CH1_INITPWM/2 shit, i gotta go look for some number
okay so i rearranged the fuck out of the timer channels to get the motor pwm off the module LED pin, so now i doesnt starve the darlingon through the R-LED circuit when hi-z and kill my motor output 2n2222
it resets every time with the butan, but it still only resets maybe half the time on battery connect

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omg ow

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jaxdahl: those guys are fast
learn to drive in the ice
raikonnen and bottas are both top drivers in F1 right now, kimi been driving like 15 years in F1
and lots of rally drivers
Finland’s system for calculating fines is relatively simple: It starts with an estimate of the amount of spending money a Finn has for one day, and then divides that by two—the resulting number is considered a reasonable amount of spending money to deprive the offender of.
i think maybe that means right now i pay $0 for speeding?
oh then there is a multiplier
still $0
oh shit i did not even consider debt rates
yeah, gotta drive F1 to make enough money to pay for those tickets all the time and still eat
we need a flat fine
wait no

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blackmoon: ya i want a cat bad but i cant afford to student cat owner
all dogs

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or my cat, just gets old and skinnier until liver gives up
'i know this is expensive but i cant tell you to let you cat die. $500 for medicine or cat dies. with medicine, cat probably still dies soon'

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oldest friend girl has called me crying maybe 3 times
one time was over credit card stuff, i think because dog got hurt
another time, was just because dog got hurt
neaw they eat stuff and it gets twisted up in their intestines
'$1500 or i let your cat die'
or they get in fights, and get absesses where they get bit, '$500 or the cat dies'

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it depends on how they test and what their intent is
mass production alone is not a reason, manufacturing line testing can mitigate or eliminate the issue is thats the intent

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that makes sense because the trim pots are likely adjusted on the line
you wouldnt, so its safe to assume they did it right and the voltage shipped was the intended voltage

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u hi

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