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just set pwm period to like 3khz and shift period over one and stick into compare reg
its not worth driving it with a sine
shrug, the freq is more important than the shape
a resistor and two 1n4148
dude 8v swing as soon as the GPIO stopped toggling
naw its going through the diodes now

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because not loud because prob not driving at resonance, so put the max rating!
timecop gonna go def testing it
its like 1mA
its droping about a volt
timecop: eh fuck a sine table

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or a push-push output?
like 8V undriven decay swing!
timecop: use rev bias diodes to rails if driving direct
right so GPIO
sec i check current through series 1k
1k loud enough!
25ms feep time almost too much

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timecop: also ive seen them held by their edges in plastic injected cases
usually on top of a little cylinder w/ hole to outside
yeah the higher voltage should make a big diff
anyway even a bit of sticky foam would make it louder than mounting direct

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timecop: do you have one?
just put to a gpio or BJT buffer (like for an LED) with a resistor and see if it feeps
1k was loud, 10k not so much
theyre pretty hi-Q, so one freq will be way louder
try like 3k

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this one is like that but its loud as shit with 3.3v through a 1k resistor
rated 3-28v
its almost smoke alarm loud
i know, ive only seen them like that for velocity inputs
right so its tuned
i think one is ground
i have two tied to ground now and it works
yeah im not sure which pins is which either
like, its a piezo mounted to a metal diaphragm
anyway theyre super sensitive to mounting
fix for velocity sense was expensive rubberized black CA glue

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piezo feeper datasheet is like RECOMMENDED CIRCUIT, TEST CIRCUIT, looks like some bias and current limit shit with a BJT
build it, doesnt do shit with the volts
connect two pins of feeper to ground and other to GPIO through a 1k resistor, 50% pwm at resonance, loud as shit
*shit with the 3.3 volts
was it an rrio opamp?

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one guy on team is head of 3d printer club, so everything turned out pretty good
press fit ball bearings

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other team that presented did a bike hoist, gear motor pulley thing, 3d printed
that was pretty neat
because everyone gets bike stole because places to small to keep bike inside
mostly for short people

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its a good idea!
they estimated it would cost thousands to build
i would bid like $500 per unit
that was everyones question
im like shrug, trays
yeah thats harder, the instructor has worked on a bunch of machines like that
lots of agriculture around here

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not directly
tho it doesnt seem to leak so should be pretty accurate
its like 250 encoder cycles per revolution

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but the basket dumps!
and final design had sensors for bump steering down rows

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what it has to tell itself what to do to be autonomous?
and yes i am a one man team, i have enough group project bullshit to deal with
i could turn it in as is, it would be more than enough
oh you meant the basket
right its a mechanical design class and maybe only 1/4 of students are mechatronic majors

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its supposed to be interactive and helpful
heh, another team did like a rc basket that drives picked strawberries down the rows

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UI is usb-uart vcp, and butan
really bright red LED
i dont think imgoing to do that
it accelerates a bit on startup
i have PWM for the motor, led, and have pin for speaker but i dunno if im going to do that
remotely the plan is to set delivery amount and interval
and start time offset

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its not really doing anything almost all the hidden conditional code is based on constants for using one command on all the instances of same type of peripheral
old abstraction layer seemed less shitty
not so much, has rotational feedback, have ADCs setup so i can measure series battery voltage and power down if batteries get low

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dosing pump dosing
also i found a whole bunch of hash i thought i smoked on top of the scope!
its 1/8" ID tube
it would take you a long time
i think in the future i will just use hal to get working sets and procedures and then port that into not ugly

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timecop: how come i cant drag editor tabs in uvision

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w00t, gearmotor encoder feedback feedbacking

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blackmoon: a lot of insurance companies will have it done for free or almost nothing
its cheaper than replacing the glass

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isnt that how they do window cracks?
like, tiny windshield cracks, suck it through and set with lamp
tho maybe it works because its a crack
so like, the glass bounces UV around in the crack through the resin

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$2 usb-uart uarting
well, uating
also rx/tx swap feature is win, heh

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i dont think i need to watch any of those again

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see i think that would have been better than in my case, when they scared the shit out of me with north african myths
and im definitely not sorry for any of the shit they made us watch about the holocaust
my guess is they dont do that shit as much
i never really liked horror movies

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it sucks but i kind of feel like if thats what youre into you should be able to accept the realities of it
formula sae electric said me posting videos of burning batteries was a scare tactic...
like, if you cant handle seeing batteries on fire you shouldnt even be at a race track
if you cant watch vid of lauda burning or senna not movie and still want to be involved in racing, you maybe shouldnt be involved

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sculptor: theres shots w/ photographers like that, where they take the pic anyway
takes the pic before running to see if dudes ok, haha

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rab: those are pretty standard issue in california, i think they recently redid a lot of them because riveted wrong
shrug, its rally
nothing safe about it
yeah so direction matters but you cant really do that part right for both directions
but the assumption is hits from the near lane with be faster and less perpendicular

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if youre going to go hunting with automatic weapons at least have a rate of fire that its not going to take all day
right so i would think conserving ammo would be a pretty high priority
sculptor: it was pretty calm and their reactions pretty cool
i like the big IM OKAY sign
sculptor: the cars are way rigid with cages and theyre strapped in pretty good
some times they go over and roll a bunch and be okay, like at pikes peak

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those rails work, yo
they aint hittin shit
theyre just littering
not really much technology involved
this is like korean war tactics
im okay with that if too many hogs
these guys prob more likely to kill a hunter than hogs

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id def try and steal the concept for something automated
that doesnt seem too bad honestly
like if this is actually something you need to do, youre probably doing it all the fucking time and that shit was fast
im guessing decent composite handle axe is prob >$100 anyway?
ryobi makes axes now
home depot tool design reminds me of 80s action figure accessories

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i bet the whole end is the damper
seems like you could really fuck up your life if you dont hold onto an axe while it impacts
end of the handle doesn't look like a 1st try design
id try that one, i wouldnt fuck with knockoff or homebrew shit

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thats kind of awesome
does it have a damper?
the only drawback i can think of is it rotating your wrist on impact but looks like maybe there is something between the blade and the handle

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