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timecop: saw it yesterday and didnt click
im not that good at sim racing, f1 speed shit i cant hit corners consistent
f2 stuff is fun im okay at that

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timecop: cubemx code gen is not so bad
i was like WTF IS THIS SHIT IN MY SYSTICK ISR but you click through to couple function definitions and theres nothing there
its just really fuckin ugly

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fuck you both, analog vector DSO ftmfw
mine has a switch
i need to try and restore that shit
replace caps, see if i can sneak in a new UI encoder
its okay like 80% of the time, 20% of the time its like VIDEO ERROOOOOOOOOOOO
dude its been like that for a very long time, im pretty happy it works when it wants
but ya, im using that shit rigol timecop sent me now

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those are neat my fren has one

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windows properties lists 29.93 fps video as just 29

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joellama: send me money
i will send you 2x money in 5 years

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macegr: real life, going in was like, flirty quebecer girlcop behind little counter all by itself with windows behind it
coming back was like, the DMV except with pissed off donut cops
its like canada is pleased to meet you, or something
and this is like, the complete asshole half of canada

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and i think it changed after i went, shrug
and i think the requirements coming back were worse than going there
but maybe the guards on the way back were just bigger assholes, shrug, like 10 years ago

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kevtris: i didnt need a passport when i went to canadia
post 911
birth cert worked, that border not super strict
i think SSN card + CA drivers would have been enough they just wanted two

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heh mr wizard

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like c channels?
that sounds pretty neat
yeah neat, i was thinking kind of same but in a C channel and not 45deg angle

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and pretty free for hobbyist stuff
and ive seens pros use eagle, and catia is for rich fuck companies showing off
im not trying to use a 3d cad app for PCBA
i dont give a fuck if some companies use it to design cars
car people suck at electronics
what does motherboards have to do with average companies making PCB?
thas probably like, half a dozen companies making 90% of the designs
sure and the average professional PCB is relatively crazy simple in comparison
like what?
like, layout wise or materials?

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sculptor: eh
you could use notepads, youd just have to look up the aperture definitions
rs274d, rs274x, excellon drill are all rs274 based, its literally gcode
and if youre machining instead of sending out as gerber and excellon, my first machined PCB were autocad + text editor for EDA
because in the real world time is money
and using tools that exceed your capability is smart
because using tools that are less than your capability is reducing your capability

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19:41:32 < ReadEr> solidworks for CAD

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