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like, is no stackup really because the cover is located by the block, and anothing between block and rotor

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rab: oh the other reason was stackup
why i didnt use the flanged sleeve washer for the prototype, because rotor located by the bore's flange (it exists in the proto aluminum block) and the acrylic cover

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MCLAREN FAST KIWI ON THE SIDE OF THE NOSE \/o\o/\/o\/o\/o\/o\\/o\/\/o\/o\o/\o/\/
Marlboro Project 4, officially dead

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people noticed the tire barriers first, is what i remember reading
i think the patents had to do with instrumentation
shrug, they did it first
find and replace all the things!

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^ possible the best wind tunnel solution in existance
its literally a tunnel
the audio from the linked video is pretty awesome
it was discovered by hikers, pretty random thing to come upon

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he was lapping at like 205-210, little faster each lap
diff angle
looks like one hit the front A-arm
low drag aero

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blackmoon: http://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/a6352/how-to-take-turn-one-at-the-indy-500/
thats just not how oval racing works
Surprisingly, just past the apex of the corner--where you'd expect the forces to taper off-they creep up to 3.19 g, and the steering, at 34 degrees, is at its maximum thus far. The speed has dropped to 220 mph, and naturally the engine rpms have fallen to 9990.
thats incorrect
they should be accelerating out of the corner after the apex to try and maintain g

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i wonder if they hid the fast kiwi logo somewhere on the car
so happy they didnt pumpkin livery the indy car, they gone straight CAN-AM mclaren orange
confirmed, was fernando alonso in the car

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rab: vettel drove around the birds
wait is that alonso?
holy shit
alonso hit TWO birds in his first time in an indy car?
best mfkn driver in the world, yo
gonna win indy

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rab: those are the dimensions but im spec'ing the same material as the roller sleeves (rulon-j PTFE)
rab: https://www.mcmaster.com/#6377k111/=17gye49
i like they compare rulon-j to their PTFE products, when rulon-j is a grade of PTFE
its also twice the load capacity of the nylon bearing

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two rides on one in the prototype, theres a flanged sleeve bearings in the final design
right now its lubricated by machine oil and aluminum oxide
prototype has a planned lifespan of some testing and a final presentation
very black
nope, very smooth
i couldnt afford the flanged sleeve bearing for the prototype

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the motor basically floats
its screwed to the rotor via a clearance hole in the rotor
rotor is basically located by the sleeve bearings against the cover, the bearing pins are machined about .005 short and the top edges filed a bit
sculptor: not sure what you mean
theyre used a ton in medical, too

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in series for pumping over long distances
solidworks, so FEA is built-in
in teams for applications like hydroponics
current plan is usb-uart interface
button to prime
basic scheduling routines
sculptor: this basically is
mcmaster mentions its use for metering pumps
and says that my sleeve bearing are literally their lowest friction offering
failures may contaminate the bump, but the pump cant contaminate the fluids when its working, assuming the barb fitting and tube material is appropriate
dropping on corners
same with the spokes in the thing floor area
its not really for operational stress, its for drops
could prob pull those in with enough testing
ty, i kind of feel my hands are tied but instructor seems excited so does the job
silicone rubber shim
reduce wobble in the rotor bore

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yeah its pretty neat, its pretty immune to siphon stuff, too
rab: lowest friction plastic bearings, its designed to be servicable
yup but the motors handling it
and its done few thousand cycles and tube seems fine
and i have a crease sticking out on my kapton shim
so this is a pretty shit situation, and its still working
rab: kapton, no
the tubing is the lowest durometer available
its bit under 1kg to clamp the tube well
and it doesnt stall with the tube completely clamped
bogs down and leaks back a bit
rab: yeah basically
the application is terraforming other planets
fix wear issues with some tape or business cards
box shape for compact shipping
in parallel for pumping more

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instructor said we can FEA shit so now i dont have to math, current rotor redesign (includes fillets in grooves instead of perpendicular cylidrical features so FEA is accurate and the sleeve bearings still have a flat landing area) has a safety factor of around 10
and possibly infinite fatigue life, it depends which 6061 fatigue stress curves you believe
whats a sealing
sculptor: none involved
its barbed couplers and tubes
but right my method is the 'fuckit im a machinist and i believe shims make the world go round' method
other method is sprung rotor arms

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sculptor: metering pump, process pump, peristaltic pump, spinny rotor tube pump
that part is built, working
electronics are prototyped on a breadboard, needs programming and a PCB, and the homie gonna 3d print me a case
got like two weeks, plenty of time

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ha, ME design instructor all excited about my dosing pump
trying to get me to present earlier
i got other classes and group projects with flakey kids, mofo!

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and ya i dont care about the future status of that ban

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snakes gonna snake
fool me twice, snake cant snake no more
in my story it appears that the frog is the messiah
k bbl
i think we got rid of him the polite way
fuck fuck car wind
*but fuck

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asian or black + valley stoner accent = <3
ya wtf pixel pussy
buttholes are ok, tho
thats funny
balls are just silly
damn i seem to have missed some local culture
fables are stupid
shrug, words are stupid

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and my tips last indefinitely
you use weller tips, statement cannot be true
ya even the knockoff hakko stuff seems pretty hardcore
maybe same factory
right i think its factory back door stock in a lot of cases
also my guess is rab is much better about tinning and leaving irons on
because im not
rohs can fuck them
i dont find asians very sexy until they are obviously not asian in culture

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blackmoon: they probably do on some stuff
i dont think this is a new thing, integrated passives
4 pin doesnt sound like drama
oh you mean pads on top?
.016 isnt that small
4 pin bga seems a lot more workable than large bga
i could prob machine a footprint for that on my cnc and solder without issue
timecop: thats not much scarier than reworking an 0201 cap
its for RF geeks, those guys design to get close and just rework until it works awesome
blackmoon: thats how you quickly remove
swallow part in tinned tip
insert into coily tip cleaner
timecop: tweezers work pretty well
i dont sponge

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its been like this for a long long time
and i dont mind because its pretty standard in schematics
i did a lot of 0201 for the RF geeks
sub 10pF shit
3x6 hair widths
rohs, yo
euro kids can eat them like cereal
cells phones are 0402/0201
random pullup, some caps

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and on 95% of schematics its labled 0.1uF
nF isnt used very much
also mfkrs with keyboards at weird angles
sure but youre just learning how to electronic
well get you up to speed
anyway jumps from 10000pF to 0.01uF with no nF is pretty standard
i think digikey switched to that, no?
no one because they say .01uF
i think 9999pF is the switch
its pretty common in schematics too

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1% is e96
rab: i believe it
2k2 is a 5% value
1% values have 3 digits
thats how you indicate on a schematic without explicitely stating %
thats nice its prob from china
anyway, selling 5% values in 1% tolerance is typical
timecop paying the big bucks for 1% electrolytics
tolelrance values apply across discrete components
blackmoon: heh
timecop: is a bit annoying but if im looking at schematics often i stop noticing
thats how film caps are labled
nope, film caps in smd are still a pain
expensive and not much smeller
shrug, 102 is 0.1uF
which is more recognizable than 100nF

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anyway, if you dont have any resistors, you should get a kit or you will be always fucked
books are neat, but labled ziplocks or envelopes work fine
maybe 10k?
less i think
oh, ya maybe 10k is whole reel then
that sounds right
standard 1% i think?
yeah 2.00 is a standard e96 value, wtf timecop
2.20 doesnt even exist in true 1%
those are 5% values sold as 1%

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kits ftw
eh fuck no
you can get those shits in 0.1%

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oh, yeah i think ive used that i like that crimper
the dies arent perfect but theyre def usable
all of them if you are creative enough!
weatherpack is sexy
i wouldnt get every JST style wire crimp perfect with those, but after some practice i could get consistent results
shit like fast-ons and ring terminals come out perfect
yeah some places i worked had permanent die molex and tyco stuff, worked like magic

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