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bums everywhere here, too competitive

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whatever tho, i have lawry's fajita mix chicken and shallot tacos

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i agree but my situation isnt typical
most students can make a min job work
ha @ kids the few kids at school like 'SCHOOL CANT BE FREE', i note that went to school free for 12+ years, and theyre in an engineering program so seems to have worked out
they have no response so far
damn look at that sentence, i need sleep

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tech work here is spotty
also there are kids who are willing to work for peanuts
working is kind of only option but it likely means extra 6mo to a year here
yup and this doesnt work
final 3-4 weeks of every semester w/ mind completely fucked by impending financial doom is a waste of money

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i have skills and 8 years of R&D lab experience
those jobs dont exist here
if i had went to school back home, cost of attendance and therefor financial aid is the same
but cost of living is more than 2x
ive moved 100 miles for work
school is here, so it needs to be here
cant move, have to finish school
doesnt exist here for part time
semester ends and i figure summer out
middle of northern cali central valley
so very
getting away from job offers was the other reason for moving away
no way id subject myself to this if i could work instead =\
and right, more money would have been eaten by 2x cost of living
basically the budget never totally worked out
have made it work for three years, but i think thats pretty much over

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BS degree
so ya, basically trying to kill myself
1st step, financial ruin
next step, homeless
good thing ive been poor and homeless before
this is the first time like 8 years i havent been able to pay my bills
and im kind of annoyed at everyone who used the words 'drop out' when i talked about stopping to work for a year to get money back where it was when i started school
my aid is maxed out
which means i cant get a lot of the jobs at school because their paid out of federail aid
basically i have a $5k a year deficit, and working full time at min wage doesnt even really cover expenses let alone get me ahead

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shrug, steal an old version
eagle is definitely usable

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i was going to try dicktrace
kicad pissed me off before i could finish a project with it

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jezus mother fuck online application is not updating a text field
spelling error will live on for eternity

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get nuked, tc
i have a hungry
wtf @ topic
the_gfr|h: youre never going to make any money with that boring vanilla porn

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ha good question
i think electrolytics are supposed to be sealed

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low humidity, room temp
sealed w/ dessicant is prob best bet
is its open PCB yes
sealed in anti static w/ humidity check paper is pretty typical
timecop: wtf tldr

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'so don't use the whole range of the pot?'

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jezus fuck
class is having all sorts of problems with their ADC cal for a fader pot
me and homie are already done with whole lab, ask about how to deal with the dead zone in the pots
because obvious source of error is obvious, everything else tests dead on
like, she doesnt believe in dead zone?
has me test voltage on my pot in circuit, tests with dead zone
she pulls the pot and just yanks supply leads from my board with multiple deviced powered (wtf)
tests, sees deadzone
pulls pots from two other lab groups, tests dead zone
starts telling me to move the little wire scale pointer wrapped to the fader lever
'so dont use the whole range of the pot?'
'but it will still be in the deadzone if i move the pointer'

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rab: its secondary
web aggregator w/ too many comments =)
if youre going to be an asshole you need to be on topic and correct
anyway bbl

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this is a webcode channel either
i rabbed, isnt
anyway, if youre talking about internet forums, one assumed you mean a web forum
anonymous internet forums = phpbb shit
anonymous forum on the internet, maybe irc falls into that category
would be more correct but web irc breaks that a bit
in any case, the majority of people assume a phpbb style forum when you say forum
reddit called a forum, and i dont really agree
i dont think fark is a forum
its a web aggregator with comments

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if you guys are tripping over someone standing where you want to walk in a grocery store, and annoyed you may have to ask them to move
you might be complete assholes
just saying
sure and they can choose to anot be amazing employees
no one reads net forums about grocery stores
no this is irc

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