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like not enough gate current
1k||1k and 22k||22k are opto encoder sweet spot
i need to organize my resistors =(

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zerp = positive zero
insulation breakdown > moar current > moar plasma > less resistance > moar current
i dont think it is an issue unless your source will supply an insane level of power without interrupting
like, its not much of an issue outside of power distribution places
almost every arc flash vid/story is in a distribution facility or in some very high power industrial facility
i think for the most part theyre either low Vf or open
like its hard to put them in a bad place if theyre sized for an application
like maybe if you had a lower than normal frequency source
and for some reason its turn on time was way slow

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in testing, i usually never saw issues until like 8kV, which is a huge visible spark
like, unless you ESD across a chip between your fingers with a visible spark, prob nothing happened
electric sparks?

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much, much more than the industry claims
ESD is a go to explanation for shit people dont understand
'must be ESD', has almost always been shown to be not ESD laster in my experience
jero32: laziness
jero32: 'i hate testing for or dont test for ESD immunity'
i guessed work station but yeah
anyway, ICs installed in circuits usually dont have ESD issues

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22:42:05 <+Sculptor> it is not very heat resistant
no thats not true
the skinned anti static mats are very heat resistive
the unskinned foam ones, not so much
but you can drop solder onto the skinned ones and itll melt in like half a mm and harden
jero32: i think its just the foam pressed with heat
or some injection process that deposits a not pourous layer where it contacts the mold
sculptor: right thats the soft foam rubber stuff
shrug, never had issue with any of the ones i used
can DMM them and see theyre resistive
like, wont be accurate for shit measuring that high of impedance, but it shows that its not an insulator
shrug, the guys working on tubes amps would prob prefer that
in any case, i think ESD issues are rare

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brighter light is swinging less, i think its creating its own ambient
but its usable now
i just have to keep pwm above certain freq to keep it from bouncing funny
soldering directly on tile might not work out well
because will sink a lot of heat
right but if youre trying to solder to those leads or adjacent, sometimes nothing happens
anyway, tile with anti static on it would work fine
the skinned anti static mats are pretty solder resistant
mine doesnt turn itself off
ive left my 936 on for entire weekends a few times
you want something resistive
like 1-10 Mohm
also wearing a strap with HV can kill you
for example, 15kv / 1M = 15mA, which is enough

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blackmoon: dropping current made output swing go up
and its module with an IR led and two BJT detectors in a little plastic box
this guy
its not even really an IC, i think its discretes with the cover heatstaked on
likely data doesnt exist
sculptor: damage to corners/edges
so if youre careful about that, nope
blackmoon: also there is the issue of open collector load
like, high enough the current can make it swing, low enough that the swing isnt slow as fuck
22k works way better than 1k, cant find any 10k
prob made for 10k

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man so problem with my IR encoder was too much led current
i guess because reflecting off the encoder wheel plastic
datasheet would be nice =( only thing similar seems rare/obsolete (mouse style encoder stolen from rovio bot)
also i have no 10k resistors? wtf
i guess ambient IR is low unless you are in a fire

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