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oh, ya mounted that seems fine
fuck hss
carbide bits, .012, do like hundreds of drills
and theyre prob resharps
theyre really close, i stopped re-indexing, i drill past maybe .05 or .1 tho
yeah i dont trust the collars on the router bits

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tubaman: why :/
i need to replace few pcb drill sizes
me in a week or so
i would needle file a job like that
rinse with enough alcohol that it pisses boss off
only rework dremels are good for is slicing section of PCB out for reuse
like stealing corner of PCB for its PSU
and prob a bandsaw is better for that
how small bits?
you gave up on dental drills?
this is by hand of mounted to your cnc?

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do they literally have a Damn Rate posted?
live NG tracking
i like having a pi so i can read man pages and check uptime
dont ali drunk
looks like a runout party
that would be neat size for my mill

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local fab is like 4 or even 5 dollar signs
it saved the industry
actually slave mcu for pi seems useful, shit doesnt have a ton of io/peripherals
douse everything in gasoline, light the curtains on fire on the way out the door
oh stairs outside
i dunno, light the hand railing instead of curtains
dunno is pretty neat
$10 for a usable lunix smaller than an arduino
continuing saga of how gnu broke timecops heart

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shrug, its def the case tho
arguable how useful it is in EDA

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hey dont talk shit!
if mcmaster shuts down we are super fucked
timecop: that was short run? the kapton pcb
what was setup cost like?
normal china, very nice
also playing with dicktrace, schematic capture is pretty nice
realized id only done layout with it before, just using the schematics for ref
those rat bite edges mount to other boards?
eagle is more CAD and less EDA
like, eagle isnt going to redo lines according to rules

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i dont remeber the catalog
the M looks weird
that kinda looks familiar

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