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eh fuck all that
MOSFET class-AB w/ SMPS rails

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theyre just ot sharp
theyre used in glue dispensing

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any kid who didnt know the trick did after that news report
was like huffing
i know zero people huffed anything
fox news does a special on the dangers of huffing
next week, i know half a dozen people huffing canned air
sculptor: junkie
stoned dont use syringes scept for low viscosity concentrates
pop naturals comes in syringes w/ blunt needles
you can just drip from the needle instead of using a dabber

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like, if you buy a hash screeen from the smoke shop, that is not a hack
but if you remove the diffuser screen from a faucet, and use it as a hack screen, that is a hack
all my faucets have plastic honeycomb screens wtf
*hash screen
but i guess hack screen works
faucets often have steel screens to diffuse the flow and to aerate the water
stoners are notorious for stealing these for pipes
one time, local fox news station did a story on how to tell if your kid is a stoner, and they knew

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23:21:06 <+Sculptor> so, buying stuff and soldering is hacking nowadays
if you are using the thing for a thing other than the thing was intended for, it was a hacking
no /s, thats a lifehack
most lifehacks are lame

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