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would trust less than a behringer measurement mic
maybe looks cool, tho

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cheater: you need a test source and a calibrated measurement mic
measure test source with measurement mic, this is your cal level, put the phone where the measurement mic was, play same signal from test source, adjust phone so output is same as cal mic

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yeah it doesnt show mechanicals really
theyre just bragging about how their shit is balanced so center of gravity is actually in the microphone instead of above it, so doesnt bend the little mics
but it shows that its got a motor, battery and piston
you would have to do like, maths and shit
one pascal is N/m, is 94 dB-SPL

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pistonphone displaces a precise amount of volume to produce given output, one way is motor and piston

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timecop: i think the LEDs were next to the cap pads with traces like perpendicular to the edge of the pad
but that shit like like 4 or 5 years ago and i only worked with the board couple times
*was like

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find a white paper
on the boards i saw, i dont remember their being a huge amount of isolation, but i dont remember the touch pads broken up by led traces so maybe light pipes
like an app note from cap sense chip people
no i dont think that will work
it will for diffusion
people light ipe without diffusion wonder why the shit is uneven
like, bitches have you ever looked at an LED?

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in the image, i bet the final dimensions were based on the industrial designer not wanting to layout a new grill punch pattern

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i was not intimately involved as they trashed the concept right after i showed up
i wonder if someone is using cap touch for velocity pads
maybe less fucked than trying to use piezos, more reliable than resistive and film cap shit
piezos were sensitive to what glue, fucked how adhesive solutions always ends up being that expensive black rubberized CA shit
big hammer glue

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timecop: https://9to5mac.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/sonos-play-5-1.jpg?quality=82&strip=all&w=1000&h=669
so that project took 2 years longer than scheduled like everything else they do, but i dont think the cap touch was the problem
actually it was on the prototype with the play1
they launched with the traditional buttons, but there was a production prototypes with light up cap touch buttons, invisible until your hands were close, useless in bright light and no tactile feedback so useless if above line of sight
it worked tho, and that was LEDs in two layers of cap touch

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cheater: ha
cheater: go to GC and buy a behringer measurement mic
their noise floor is shit but the sensitivity should be on point
alternatively, make a pistonphone
props if you can hack that shit out of a syringe and brushmotor
timecop: test and possible ignore button on led transitions?

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instructor is like CHECK ISR EXECUTION TIME
shit is 1.175 us execution, the interval is 6.25 ms, so processor usage is 0.03%
im so bored

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that seems like a bitch to clean
right so soaps gonna fall anyway =(
it does look angled

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i used to smoke cigs in the shower
when i smoked
ha, group home habits

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get butyle surrounds and plastic cones and non stamped steel baskets
that would be neat

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dont you drink coffee?
maximum hipocrit
omg i hasnt had coffee
day can only get better
oh, hardcore
i bet you can make super effective hair trap with linear drain
only you if you have special shower bathroom without toilet
i watched video of dude making hash in his bathroom next to toilet
was not impress
i used to use bathtub as a gravity bong
is neat because you dont have to find two bottles that match
cut the bottom off anything, good to go

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thats neat because you can bring in furniture
tho i miss a bathtub
i guess you could just bring in a tub
my shower thing has a little seat for old people or taking too long in the morning
that sounds comfy!
sculptor: how do you do the threshold?
like, some smooth bump would be neat because less toe stubby
rab: haha srs?
sculptor: i just be worried about sloshing while getting out
you going to feel like the drain trying to eat you when you drunk or on shrooms

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