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yeah it was 2.7 min
the stepper is wobbling as intended

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k fucking lab is done, two weeks ahead or some shit

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the fuck
she gave us a 5v input half bridge drivers
we have 3.3v gpio

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atom does this too, and i see fellow kids on these shit laptops so i know its just as slow
its like a generation that only know bloated semi-useless software
but atom has neat colors, shrug

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enclope (r) rencorp
also fucking software UI is like cars
all sorts of features and shit response time, I TYPE SLOW AS FUCK AND IM OUTRUNNING UVISION TEXT EDITOR

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exgf (was an instructor at same school) thinks i should go to dean over shit shes said before
i was worried i was going to listen to whatever she had to say, stand up like SYSTICK COUNT FLAG IS HIGH UNTIL READ NOT FOR ONE CYCLE and walk out trying not to laugh
i mean theyre not cops, you really shouldnt abuse teachers like that

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fellow kids love this and will usually pick up the ball, instructor will quickly back off, get back to instructoring
cortex c instructor asked to meet with me in her office, then when we had time setup she emails she has another meeting, and doesnt mention rescheduling it, doesnt look at our code when signing off lab, doesnt ask for demo (but she prob heard it working, because variable sample rate no-enclope synth)
give max points in lab

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because no one gives a shit unless you finish?
because i didnt want to be a manager?
also because it worked the first time
i got two AS degrees, i doubled my income in like 6 years
oh and because there was crazy math section of the white papers that were really slow to figure out
so now im waaay better at math
and kind of over pretend engineering, and annoyed i dont have time to actually go learn shit
everytime a teach has tried to pull 'OKAY IN THE REAL WORLD'
and i note that they pay you in the real world

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was sad because no one shows up for extended office hours or tutoring labs

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so basically this class is, instructor writes some c code for ti cortex uc, deletes all the code in the functions
explains the code in english, her english is good, but like, technical english is just kinda okay

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guys i found the aeropress funnel

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rab: i think there are switches to make bz2 and 7z faster?
tho yeah that takes like, reading and maybe testing

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i believe this was the hype, wish i could use it more but mostly i zip things to send to people

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omg mean
oh hmm ive never done bz2 vs lzma
bz2 was better at squishing everything i tried except wav files (bc flac)

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