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also i think it can improve the breed, as manufacturing knowledge and ability is shared, which benefits the consumer, and also the companies in terms of post sales support costs
basically factories should be competing at manufacturing and credibility in terms of confidentiality, and companies should be competitive in terms of R&D and marketing
i think this would save everyone $$$$$$ if adopted even more locally
yes thats not a typo, six mfkn dollar signs

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jero32: they move around a lot
i dont really know how it works, but they definitely have the opportunity to move to better paying jobs
it seems like there is a lot of cycling of workers
so from the perspective of using a chinese CM, it is annoying because you production line training often wears off
and sometimes the line managers will change things when they setup again with new staff, while training
which is often reasonable, but itll still fuck you if its not communicated back to development teams
there is saving money by using a CM to produce your own design, and i think this is actually an okay model
i think its expensive and likely not worth it, because it costs a lot to keep a remote factory trained and monitored and shipped from
but i think in general, a CM model makes sense even domestically because it doesnt directly tie a company to production output
they do lose money if they are not producing at towards max capacity
*dont dont dont lose money

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trigger why
thats looks factory
you do know all our shit is made in china, right?
what do you think they do when they make too many 120v things and customer says oops send half to europe
thats all on the secondary side too
like, clean off that flux bullshit, test the fuck out of it, 15% high line and low line w/ 100% load until all temps stable, if it doesnt burn, ship it
also note that parts are keps about level with the tops of the solder joints
so its safe to assume that they were trying to maintain the same isolation distances
right im saying it might as well be
because yeah, you do know all our shit is made in china, right?
eh, some are
some arent but are provided housing
i guess jobs are assigned somewhat?
and in some factories, the workers are doing okay
like, pretty western, have cell phones

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jero32: neat voodoo

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15:07:57 <@BlackMoon> renesis: now your sorry.. sorry for all time!
topics def aint permanent, and yes i would be sorry for all times for this particular reason, i dont see any of the specifics changing

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