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i think they decided you can break down fiberglass and its not carcinogenic
working with rigid panels in the makeshift anechoic chambers was way itchy

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tho ive done pretty well just double sticky taping to matrix plate
blackmoon: cnc is about zero leadtime
i dont stab myself i break drill bits with the collet wrenches
wtf use enough its a pcb and almost unloaded cuts
um right macegr
thats called being a machinist
eh its like 10min on my machine
mount fixture, slide in pcb, cut the things
prob bad
wtf is TM milled
oh neat
im pretty sure i only have one fake company
its not the fiberglass its the matrix epoxy

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perfboard is fucking expensive
its almost as much as just having a pcb spun
i miss all
and thats the nasty shit
thats okay
jero32: omg so many right angles
macegr: i made a fixture for that

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