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mfkrs breakin up the tranquility

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because vroom-zeeeeeeeeeeee noises are neat
also 75k miles and still got decent brakes, decent amount of canyon driving
right so youre not engine braking so much as clutch braking
like, engine compression isnt doing as much of the work
i try to avoid that
also my syncros are kind of shit
i dont know if because big heavy truck transmission, or abusive prev owner
prob both
my car is known to be kind of a bitch to drive manual
but i think that has more to do with the engine management, the throttle mapping and filtering
most people drive like that, if youre not evil you can get 50k to 100k out of a clutch like that
yeah you gotta rev them out just to like, not get pulled over for impeding traffic
my crx had 80 hp, basically had to drive it floored all the time
still got 35+ mpg too

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yes, itll just bounce the lever back at you
mine does it every once in awhile into second
but i shift extremely light and let the syncros and detent do their thing
like, more with my fingers and open palm than with firm grip
it was a brit car so it prob had them on at least low gear, but they sucked
yeah thats dogs getting rounded off
if youre not someone who can intuitively operate mechanical things, its probably hellish
like, if you have to think about driving stick after driving a car for a few minutes, you probably shouldnt be driving stick
and i heel-toe almost every downshift while braking
and i almost always downshift while braking

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05:10:57 <@BlackMoon> http://www.hotrod.com/articles/1007sr-borg-warner-overdrive/
haha, ya that thing is famous
anyway thats how truck drivers shift without clutch, and how i got my car home when clutch locked up
when you switch from acceleration to deceleration, theres a moment where the gears are unloaded
and you can slide in and out of gear with the input shaft still coupled to the engine
motorcycle riders, too
so in a car or bigass giant truck, theres a moment where the masses are effectively synced and unloaded
its not like a motorcycle where you just slam it in, you have to time the fuck out of it

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eh i has fwd and i drive stick
stays in gear
a lot will have solenoids to engage overdrive
like, its prob just a solenoid lockout and shifting is still hydraulic
yeah i dunno if thats standard or just ancient option
freewheel OD
this was for installing inline with u-joints?

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right so you would lose power steering
losing the ability to see the road too would be messed up
your brakes would be shit too
i think vacuum boosters are way older than that
but right car dies im putting it in neutral so engine is basically cut dead
yes so i can get to the side of the road without driving off it sideways
engine braking would actually be awesome in this case
my brake mapping is not as agressive as id like
i slow down with the gad pedal a lot
and i could switch into a lower gear
in fact thats like SOP for when i drive, im usually not on the brakes until below maybe 15mph

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yeah that works but not if cars light goes out
like, lines go away when you need them most
thats scary in the dark with no lines
like, if im road line network, and i see lights suddenly go out, i would light up the entire road for half mile
yeah i really dont like that
my last two cars turned their lights off
and one was like from 1987
well right because it would only happen to people driving around one headlight
or total electrical failure

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and my guess is civil engineers suck at electronics beyong gluing sensors into cracks in roads
and im giving them a lot of credit assuming a cive was involved
he just has to prove it wont kill people
and prob isnt liable if it kills people with fire
panels are for parking lots
or you put them above the road
because people like shade and dry roads are safer
basically anything *except* using them as a road is better
i think they should do urban gardens like that
i had cool idea about lit road indicators
because i dont like the non reflective paint highways at night
like, you could have lights that are networked that see car coming somehow and light up for a sec
so the lines in the road would like, lead the car
would look awesome, too

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yeah when they start getting to the gov investment part i didnt think it was as funny
my guess is this is the prototype
as in, they didnt do environmental testing on the panels before deployment
not when its your own shit
you try and fix them
thing is you would have to beat the shit out of them and retest
like, normal consumer electronics environmental testing prob isnt going to cut it
because like, usually not driving cars over electronics

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heh nice

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definitely maybe
if its double sided smd one side might be glued on

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i dunno he didnt completely ignore them
he was multi tasking

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sculptor: someone figured out the bbc delay time versus the amount of time it took for her to show up
like, she was probably watching him on tv and saw them show up

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