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because nothing would fucking fit if designed that way
assembled by a bunch of smaller than average faeries
they would make shit workers
wings prob get all caught in the machinery

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somehow i am doing kinetics/kinematics for the third time, but i think we covvered design for manufacturing for 15 minutes in the first semester
would almost be awesome if i failed one of these shits and had to take the extra year, could take mad manufacturing units, get that minor bullshit
life would be less full of hate and disgust
like, i cant calc lateral g in a turn without stopping and experimentally determining the coeffecient of static friction between my tires and the road and measuring the bank
so who cares, better to rely on feels
then im going to spend 8 hours on calculations to determine that my aluminum spinny pump rotor thing has a factor of safety of between 10 and 100

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man kinetics and kinematics can go suck a dick
theres no electroncs or racecars in this
actuially there are racecars sometimes but they manage to make them boring
like how many lateral G's can the racecar pull on the bank, and size of drivers balls isnt even a variable
i dont want to mechanical engineering
i want to beaches and drum n bass and driving in the canyons
and ya i guess also frens and fam

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