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then my cnc can have a fren

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timecop: oh shit, ur right
i think my milk is like, edge of bad
ive been poisoned by my frosted mini wheats
i wish i had a bandsaw
ive been saying that for like 10 years
i think its time to buy a shitty bandsaw

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shawn|i7: 15% dropout at 1A
or 30W dissipated in the cap
anyway its a cheap cap but thats not necessarily bad
shawn|i7-: for given V and uF rating, ESR is mostly what you are paying for
size is the other thing
if you narrow down the size and ESR ratings, and compare across vendors, youll see that most the specs are very similar

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i has aluminum chips in my socks

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if you are going to parts cannon a PC, you replace PSU before even troubleshooting anything

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