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blackmoon: people have used those systems to build isolated recording studios
they tried without a leveling system, and then the fat drummer goes to sit in corner and like, yeah back to white board

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external blinker reminders
theyre still cool but its not the same at all
so fuckin goofy
they had this automatic ride height leveling system
so you could be ultra fat, but still have that soft sprung ride without scrapin all the driveways

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did you fit in 90s mustangs?
those things feel so small inside
is it a bench seat or just a recliner?
right console is prob part of passenger?
oh its like a little bitch seat
no they were for like girls and armresting
my dad had a used caddy dealer friend, the 90s caddys still had benches
and like 11 way adjustable seats
70s caddy, minitarized slightly, with every gadget ever
i really liked the indicators on the fenders

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i know someone else thinks theyre good cars because of that
theyre cheap and lightly used
they probably make something similar for their trucks
unless theyve gone all i4 turbo but i dont think GM is trhat hip
so i do think electric turbo hybrids are going to become a think on almost all cars in like 5 years
i think if they top out electric turbo hybrid motor efficiency in mass production soon, they can keep gas going a long time
if they go towards lighter cars
i think it might just be a winner in terms of energy efficiency
you dont fit in my car
a boss at last job was like, head to sunroof
well thats the thing, if they went towards tube frames and composites i think they could prob make big cars that werent so heavy
they might not look very cool

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prob safer than a celica
few reasons
SUV market made all cars kind of bigger
mass production engine efficiency is topping out
WITH low emissions output
and theyre using those gains to gets power in cars back to 70s levels
pre cali smog era
car performance vs mpg cruising is amazing
basically the market did it
its like how a light truck is the same size as an 80s commercial truck
part of it is safety, part of it is SUV design influence
i get 23-25
i can get as good as 33
but part of it is cars are amazing again
its 70s levels of power with modern control
so if they wanted to, they could dial that back a lot
force CVT on consumers
use composite and organic material to keep weight down

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yeah i guess its something with the motors starting around mine
but if the issue with the piston oiling channels is theyre too big and thats whats causing oil burning, i dont care
im perfectly fine with it lubricating too much
i maybe sell soon tho
yes kind of
i dont think they need to reduce safety
i just think they need to take more from motorsport and less from art school
3.8L cant be good mpg heh
tho i guess theyre prob setup to loaf around at 1000rpm
my car is a decent compromise

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i definitely dont think prototypes, even production prototypes, are the same as production models
i think it may do well i dont think itll be the end of gas cars
ha, power grid might not even be able to handle all those doing regular commutes
i think my car needs bushings or dampers
it has a noise
ya srs
07 scion tc
pretty reliable, 150k miles, alt went bad 5k miles ago is only issue really
uses lot of oil but i use the 0w-20, shrug
and if it needed bushings or dampers it kind of deserves them, im pretty hard on it

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not for 10 to 20 years
infrastructure isnt there
and the people who can do it arent in a rush to
yes, in 10 to 20 years
its vapor until it happens
yeah but they dont exist and their success in sales isnt the same as their success in use
i prob wait until mazda makes something
yeah so thanks for researching
they dont even *start* existing until 4-7mo from now

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blackmoon: right it would be so much cleaner with less stuck bolts
and yeah, the next trend is probably going to be super light cars
gas motors efficiency is peaked out, so thats the only way forward there
and EV batteries are huge so much guess is theyre not a huge gain in efficiency
also they dont get lighter as theyre used up
which is probably a big deal in absolute efficiency sense

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yeah but youre not supposed to put them on that tight and not with an impact wrench
it can warp your discs
sorry tired
no they dont they just put them on
and thats at the tire place
most mechanics will just impact wrench them
no im saying they just use the same torque
for all the cars
like, they dont check
pretty sure they do
but ive watched them work at diff places, they dont reset the wrenches
like, they have them set and they look at them sometimes but if theyre doing bunch of cars they dont change them
yeah im sure its fine if it wasnt theyd get bitched at alot
prob like 500-1000 tires a month through those places
bet being an R&D mechanic is way more fun
dont deal with stupid peoples old broken shit

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i have a steel head hammer with screw in plastic heads
one is kinda rubbery and other is hard
best hammer for banging things clamped in vise onto parallels
yeah those lead deadblows seem like so much work
they worked super awesome but the tech at school shop was recasting those things like every other week
those plastic ones are pretty neat
i think they have leadshot in them
thats what old dead blows are like
swing well enough and completely flatten the head to the handle
thats what the school ones were like
they worked awesome
theyre supposed to be lower, pretty sure
the wrenches?

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i was gonna use brass shim stock but i seem to have misplaces my roll
im going to use kapton tape to shim dosing pump project
i dont think kapton is okay for cnc
rolling paper is how i set my Z
i wonder how i did it at school in the shop courses
prob just jamed the flute tips into the work and called it good
they make those ones that slide around bolts
they usually got little tabs, some are painted in color codes
you can put between wood and drill/cut
usually comes out okay
hammers are neat

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and guessing from the reflections in the toolpath and the tiny ridge in the pocket floor, it maybe needs trammed along Y axis, around X axis, which you gotta shim the headstock to do
tho, once in ten years prob not a bad deal
also maybe would be so back if i didnt have the 1/4" EM all sticking out as far as collet would let me
*so abd
*so bad

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wow, live resin is best rosin
actually i think this is co2 blasted
terp profile way more noticable
especially with the pressed stuff
i probably shouldnt machine bottom of part
because late, gets loud
need to tram my column

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synth: i think maybe half the cross holes
because is so direct
but yeah i think the idea would improve my pan bacon
double flamebow
i bet liquid causes flameouts way easier
that might actually be the reason

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im pretty sure its for even heating
the circle of flames
heating the center is going to like, superheat the center vs the sides
right i didnt read past the first 10 lines because wtf
was hoping the rest of the scroll was something else ha
i like at an apartment built in 1910s
synth: yeah saw that
i think if you did less it would work better
tho that looks neat

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ha, mean
rab: fusion 360 still impressing with CAM and making homicidal with file management
rest machining has worked everytime without issue
UI is a bit annoying but all i gotta do is rotate the part mostly

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torso flares out
thats a woman with a penis

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