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shes so little
she can prob beat up a 747 tho

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want to play with adc but i should probably study and ME homework
ME are so fascinated by shit flies through the air and hit the thing
how fast the thing?!
like, i dunno i kind of got over missile blows up the thing in junior high
which worked out because first gulf war was right before that
that girl and those guitars sound way too pretty
even jill stein sounds more punk than that

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macross looks so fucking horrible, its like a team of overworked animators who dont look at each others shit all working off overdetailed concept art
like, all the details and proportions diff from one scene to the next
well, yeah i think youre correct but i think the dated thing is kind of unavoidable
like, those characters almost define the era
aerith_gx: i dont even remember the music =\
i should watch lain again
rab: oh i meant more like character design stuff
like, i still kind of want the tshirt of pill jacket walking towards bike
im more of a power armor mecha arm cannon shoulder missile pod kind of a guy
merc anime is kind of meh

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haha, all i remember about golgo 13 was really corny sex scene dialog
i remember thinking the art style was like fist of the north star, which didnt work great in a non wastelands situation
i want to watch ghost in the shell again, see if the cg background and effects look totally silly now
akira art holds up real well

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so my guess is 'its own syntax' might just be their implementation of rs274
i dont even trust canned drill cycles without reading the manual for the specific controller
speaker testing is kind of same shit
like, both my career things, the standards lag real world development by 30+ years

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rab: subroutine is somewhat standard, some of the details regarding file/line naming are vendor specific
the variables in linuxcnc, i think theyre like @[numeric index]
thats very, very linuxcnc specific
yeah those are very standard
but like, what the O label means for jumps can be diff
like, sometimes its referencing a user specified jump line, sometimes it specifies a gcode file with that filename
i think basically it breaks down to whats in RS274, how fanuc, mori seiki and haas do it, and how pc controllers do it
i think their basic syntax is rs274 so you cant talk too much shit
and the variables system isnt typically available in most interpreters afaik
This common
style of subprogram is used in Fanuc, Haas and other controllers.

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rab: what like canned cycles?
rab: if youre not a CAM software, those can come in super handy
if youre a CAM software, G2/G3 are too complicated
only connect the dots
rab: so the thing is, theyre machine and manufacturer specific
like m codes
so a lot of coders dont rely or dont even consider them
like, compatibility is intermittent and somewhat random
because manufacturers will adopt others canned cycles
like, haas shit, you can select between two types of outside radius paths
and like, theyre named after two older CNC manufacturers
yeah i was a subroutine superstar at cnc school
because like, actual programmer heh

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timecop: pwm working, cubemx seems okay

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i dont have one of those, i dont think anyone cares or knows
i have AS degrees on my resume

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who drives drunk and is a shitty driver sober
i did that with a kid, but i didnt know i was supposed to be watching the kid

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im not trying to piss in the pool to create a personal pee barrier
yeah im down to just unflavored e-cig at 6mg/ml
can count the cigs i smoke in a year now on one hand
mt: prob means you just liked alc more
cigs are not so great
i have his back more than average person drinking

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i think the effect is minimal and specific to the type of liquor
by activist do you mean you smoke weed and dont give a fuck?
because thats kind of what i mean
okay but in terms of degrees
alcohol has fucked up withdrawal symptoms
like, dying
mt drank like a normal russian before noon
as vodka should?
anyway, fuck migrains and hangovers
smoke weed erryday
ya no
i have a problem with assholes
and most people turn into assholes when drunk
drunks together as like kids pissing on each other in a pool

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i dont really get headaches, so when it happens im always worried my brains gonna permanently damaged or something
well, like, more damaged
people describe migraines and im like, omg werent you worried about dying?
and theyre sometimes like, oh, no because i wanted to die
i didnt get a hangover until the bottle of soco when i was 21
i dont really drink much since then
because wtf at temporarily dying
i dont think thats true i think thats something you tell yourself to excuse the extra money you spend on fucking your brain up and acting irresponsibly

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