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timecop: shit doesnt hit fan if i access peripheral registers for gpio and timers directly after using HAL for init, will it?

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i dont like FL
it was all at rightr angles and flat like midwest, but hard to breath because wtf humid
thats the driving enthusiast road
makes it easier to feel like a badass
in almost anything!

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if i want to get an EE after, i dont want to do it here
pretty much
the mech program here is a lot better than the ee program
last two semesters is all electronics, controls, and projects, this semester last of the mech stuff

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and can calculate chomping force of an alligator
also the manufacturing is neat. i has no time for more electronics and programming and no time for any manufacturing, because mfkr mechanical
tho, the EE program here isnt as awesome as the mechanical program, so switching to EE this late seems like bad idea
so i think i will just complain harder, or something
complain here, not at school, that would probably be bad

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omg turbo button
tekrad: while i respect its usefulness and know it will make me a better hacker, ive concluded i just dont like this mech engineering shit
i just want to electronics and programming
tho i guess its cool that now i know what angle to paddle to get across the river before the alligator eats me

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