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and even those cars were intentionally slowed down by the rules
slotted narrow tires
haha, yeah you hear the cars like two turns away
shit sounds like a fighter jet
i think when more motorsport engineers are doing electric and it gets F1 money, theyre going to sound insane
anyway, hopefully they have delayed streaming so worldwide viewers can wake up and watch that shit for a few bucks
current situation is completely retarded
anyway, i think bottas is going to make hamilton cry

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yeah those are gorgeous cars
the turbo honda stuff w/ senna and prost driving
thats when i started watching
i read about it in road and track for a few years, and the speedvision started streaming them live
anyway, if you look at the evolution of the logo, the first two versions are obviously marlboro branding
and dennis called it dayglo orange, but theyre red
mclaren orange is like, pumpkin shit
00s v10s were the sexiest looking and sounding
and theyre just starting to hit mid 00 times again
wec getting too fast

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live by corporate asshattery, get canned by corporate asshattery
he spent too much time worrying about desk clutter back at hq, and about the road cars
like, when theres 5 diff mclarens on the streets and they cant win, who gives a fuck about mclarens
so looks like theyre dropping the MP4 designation and calliong the cars MCL now
and they keep dropping hints at orange livery
i hope they bring back the fast kiwi silouette logo
people says it's dennis' team, but he could have renamed it, like *everyone* else does in F1
like, minardi still exists, kinda
i dont even think they get paid by malboro anymore, the mclaren swoosh is just a subliminal marlboro symbol
until late 70s

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no one knows yet
i was kind of hooked by 2014
the ending
and followed 2015/2016 really close, i liked them a lot
i think end of 2016 plus post season drama was epic
but 2017 is new rules, higher mechanical and aero g, no owners no more bernie
manors gone
also ron dennis
i was pretty surprised how excited i was to see him go, but i like the engineers and drivers in his stories more than him

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FR4, no
tho 6x17" phenolic is under $20
unclad 0.1" perf

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guys vectorboard aint cheap

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timecop: i copied two lines of HAL code from the internets and now my shit blinks
how do i stop feeling dirty
heh, like 80% of getting this working was watching download progress bars happen

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timecop: initiallty was just some awesome light bike style shit, but then i was dissapointed it didnt continue after dickbutt with some sort of dickbutt preservation algorithm

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heh, f0 pack installed in maybe 20 seconds
f4 pack been going few minutes now...

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timecop: avr shit working intermittent or not showing up, drivers for one progoramming device clobbering another, programmer interface randomly disconnecting or locking up, shit is 100% happy in dev manager, pretty much the opposite of the situation used to be
plug stm32f4discovering into $3 stm32f030, everything just works

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