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i would be upset except i already downloaded the standalone driver install because i didnt think i needed them in initial install
and then did
and that installer errors out now
fu ni

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labview2015 instaining
so like, this shit is 1:1 pixel UI
you cant scale, their solution is windows magnifier
this is pretty annoying on a 40" 1080p monitor, this would be torture on my 22" at same distance
so like, i think they stripped the old NI Max drivers out of the older install
and didnt tell the installer
its telling me it cant find the volume, and its pointing to the retardo tmp directory it installs from
installation 99% complete

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go eat that and relax

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shrug, mostly what i know is that i probably wont like what i havent heard

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isnt diplo house and other pop edm?
im not into rapey frat music
also people in the edm scene seem to think hes just a rich fuck's son type of DJ, doesnt seem to have much respect for the scene that brought him up
i dont, ive seen people who been around 20+ years bitch tho

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2 year boot times
the amount of stupid math mistakes i make is too damn high
i dont think it would help, i just tried to integrate time from 2 ft/s to v
yeah, and math for me is a series of dyslexic moments spaced out by years
practice def does help, tho

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clocks arent important
just float all the clock lines, itll work itself out

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i havent tried the wuyi yancha, so maybe i like those

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i think i prefer blue pack
heh, this is like xmas tea

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synth: taiwan black is way interesting
almost has a cinnamon and brown sugar thing going on

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