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there yo go

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i just told you its dynamics, so yes
plus all the forces, on all the coordinate systems
and mechatronics majors dont have to calc 3, so we just do it live
like, fuck it

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find the acceleration of a thing on arbitrary path
and yeah, in a discrete world, its trig and geometry

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man fuck all this calculus shit
i just want to like, figure it out at whatever point +/- .00001 and draw the line

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ohsixi is a radical christian islamist.
why do you want to deport mouser back to war torn nations?
i bet you have invested in digikey

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ohsixi: anyway, ive worked at places who had sourcing people, this was basically their job, lots of shit came from mouser because cheaper
its almost like theyre in a competition over prices and there is a market or something dictating the prices
efexx: ikr
we cant fight it if we cant say it
ohsixi: say it
ohsixi: why cant you say the words

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oh, he twitted 7h ago, they are are heart broken and looking for new ways to fund the burrito truck
the shit is, theres a pretty cool ceramics studio in town that already has *all* the shit he needs to go into production
tho as far as i know theyve never done a successful prototype with this production method
as opposed to chinaparts?
most places ive worked wouldnt prototype with chinaparts
mouser has better prices on some stuff
as a general rules with tons of exceptions, passives and electromechanicals are often cheaper at mouser

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result of that guys project i worked on last summer
no twits about its failure so possibly he is trying to quietly move on
pretty sure the bulk of his first two crowd funding efforts were spent on burrito truck
i almost want to manufacture his thing because clearly the market was there
and he didnt have me sign any contracts

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those batteries are under $0.10ea
heh, twerking robotics

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anti bacterial, shrug
nice, npo caps
lame, all RF values

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i rly like ucb c
those green LEDs are almost reasonable

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i think youre overthinking this
some tested amount of energy into a cap at a few hundred to few thousand volts, stab, pull switch
nervous system over
why you gonna modulate at very low frequency are you trying to make a zombie slave or something

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synth: ya a little

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