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ohsixi: nothing political really exists
like, borders dont exist
maps and fences do, but borders are a human construct, like ownership, doesnt exist in the physical world
its pretend
its an agreed upon idea
a government or religion or company is just when you get a lot of people to agree in the same pretend shit
then everyone freaks out and real shit happens
well, photos arent
like, if you have a photo of a mountain but everyone has to say its a pig, thats religion
but the bible is real its books, photos are real
anyway ohsix we started in agreement
i just thought it was cool he spelled it out
yo this shit is paper, you have to actually believe it means shit
well hes a politician hes almost the definition of bullshit
i dont care about amerigo vespuchi

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2nd amentment is about a population that isnt stripped of power
californias working
i thought you only have one person on ignore
timecop: youre now experience the uninformed regular reader of lordpil
nap time
timecop: i can read shit from days before, i have no idea whats going on most of the time
ohsixi: california is your only hope
they beat cali to full recreational
but if youre medical in cali, shits been retail shop legal, cops give you back your sac legal, for like 15+ years

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not intentionally maybe, but i would give the founding father the credit if it ends up working out
half the worlds doing it, makes no sense there will never be order, crazy in their eyes and their you knows whats
but right its written to be edited later and built on a premise of three sides in eternal rock paper scissors, but made out of people, and then bill of right is like the grenades pin
sure but people decided thats probably bad, universally
so law
as written, i can cali roll stop lights
oh youre going there
yeah that was an administrative clause about the military in a document about protecting rights of citizens

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omg obama just explained that constitution is dumb piece of paper, its up to us to pretend
its hard not to like him
like if you dont think about the drone strikes and cruise missiles and spying and shit
mfkr can do a speech
i hope he twitter wars w/ tiny hands
what is?
the consitution?
i dont really believe in governments
and borders and shit
i think the consitution is like, an attempt to legislate a mutually beneficial anarchy
where people slowly discover that its all bullshit but you gotta work together

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so that dell d830 with the screen i like, falls forward off a coffee table, i pinch by top of screen bezel before it hits floor
im like, omgyes, then i hear this tick and the screen bends and the lcd spazes right there im like oh no
and fren was like, oh no, and then we waited, and it was fine
so im buying it a $6 power supply cable, then no more spend
is 9 year old, running win 7, cpu is like 30-50% with lots of services turned off
i dont think its a celeron, but its probably close

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i feel like disney is finally comfortable with itself

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