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timecop: the thing is, surprised chibi skeleton surrounded by lightnng bolts toucing a track, next to chibi smiling train tech not touching a track, makes a lot more sense to a foreigner than if they wrote the shit in korean
so once i figured out and got over the scary rails, i was pretty cool with it

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oh, i guess japan sucks
i ignored the chibi signs in korea until i realized they were fucking city safety and information signs
like, oh that dude is telling my the tracks are electric dont die

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its like a local pride thing?

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timecop: wait really?
thats like, somehow totally fucked and awesome, at once
are all your signs chibi like in korea?

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because it would require an insane amount of automation
and i dont think theyre willing to die a lot debugging that
and all those sidecar riders would prob just drink themselves to death (bc irish)
i think ballast tanks and high speed pumps would prob work better than moving weights
vrooom: the fast section up in the hills away from the towns is crazy to watch
blackmoon: yeah they will lean over to the far side way past the driver

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motorcycle racers in general are prob like, top 10 most insane category of people in the world, and IoM TT riders are significant more nuts
im saying like, motorcycle racers on average are top 10
i dont think those guys are human
alien cyborgs or something
like, lean over helmet touching grass next to the apex with a fucking short brick wall coming up
vrooom: iom has been doing 360 view videos of the TTs
the sidecar ones are pretty wtf
on their official youtube
i dont think anywhere else would continue to let that race happen, i think theyre like between 1 and 2 deaths average a year?
think they had a deathless streak recently, heh

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i really dont like equal length pre-stripped wires
big clive is on isle of man?
or he just mentions because cold
oh nice, he is on isle of man
they compensate better than everyone else in the world
because when i think of isle of man, i think of the most insane motorcycle road racers in the world

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heh @ canada raping america

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