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i dont think people should say radiation unless they mean particle radiation
people freak out
its just light with wavelengths too big for the antennas in your eyeballs
also too small

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trump: make mexican politician relavent again

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they already do that in motor gp rab
not quite but almost seems like it
yeah them racing around the track after finish high fiving and shit says a lot about how much their body is in control
like, shaking hands and both bikes visibly wobbling from it
anyway i think it would be like traction control in open wheel racing
yeah its kinda silly with the little guys
like, theyre not even on the bike theyre like, all the way off to one side

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i wonder if its fast enough to actually high side itself from a standstill
well i dont think this will catch on for road use fast
but in racing, it can make things faster, the maintenance to keep it safe is more realistic, and riders are nuts anyway
shrug, kind of like steering dampers but better
like, if it can handle small corrections the rider can concentrate more on where to put the bikes weight in relation to other racers
like, i think it would make a small difference

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ya i saw that and was like woah, and paid close attention to the mechanism, which is when i realized the forks are indirectly rider controlled
automated motorcycles make more sense for deliver than cars
smaller, use less energy
eck0: id be interested to see what happens if he starts trying to lean the bike instead of stand straight up
tho i guess youd have to find an engineer who doesnt care about his knees and shoulders

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i hope this year is like last year
the F1 guys need to steal some of their motorcycle guys
eck0: ha, realized the handlebars arent coupled directly to the forks

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humans are liberal trash
binary solo, neat

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this is your workforce
they dont need college
or even a 2 year trade education
ya man it dont work like that
you get a robot or you get a guy demands his lack of education be subsidized because freedom of religion
thats what just about ever manufacturing manager is prob thinking right now
you see vid of that carrier line?
was like, do 4 bolts and 3 wires

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which was showing that its kind of a retarded undemocratic system
actually thats not fair
the elector who voted bernie in the east had a cool speech when he switched to clinton
that dude was pretty cool
macegr: maybe trump will fuck up the economy so bad that our money will be worth poopoo compared to everyone elses, and then youll have tons of unskilled american labor to build your things to avoid the 100% manufacturing import tariff

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*all eminence, some is still made in usa
yeah somehow i dont think legislators in your state will be as down with tinyhands plans
3 for powell and 1 for the indian women, no?
something spotty owl
faith spotty owl?
you have the only electors who did the right thing in the situation

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rab: yeah, this model is pretty common
component companies and the industry specific companies ive worked with
like, lots of people think eminence is made in the usa, which isnt true
they own their chinese factories, though, and their factories have crazy low worker turnaround
behringer is the same manufacturing model, and smaller companies will sometimes license to a single factory using their SOP which effectively is their factory, this is how official floyd rose bridges happen

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meanwhile, china bought that machine 10 years ago and they got a dude who does this everyday for 5 years on it
not so ha if youre thinking about becoming a californian CM =(
there is a location tradeoff
if youre in an expensive area, you can prob get a decent amount of college labor
which i would prefer over average temp worker
but yeah, expensive areas are expensive

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01:00:53 <+macegr> that's the beauty of it. my pcba in taiwan make magic cable appear happy
thats how its gone down on every CM project ive been on
we make a drawing, make a BOM item, shit just happens, maybe was the CM, maybe was the CM's CM, shrug
and i bet in 2016, you hire a USA CM to crimp cables, half the time theyre going to be using unskilled temp workers and a 3rd party generic crimper =(

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damn, cheap
the wires i mean, tho .03 crimp not bad

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