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congrats your project is now a professional product

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tekrad: hi

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ha neat thats my old neighbor

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timecop: dude did you read the article?
he was rescuing her

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actually i think that may have been after rework, i think originally it was on the other side of the board and not couple to the sink at all
fuckin 'engineer' was bragging about how the company laid it out previously worked on smoke detectors
60VDC unregulated toroid supply, 63V caps... asshole

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kevtris: there are some weird bias setups for power amps that do the same thing
basically you bias the shit offset so one side is always pulling current, and for the first few watts you get class A operation
in my experience, the amps measured well but werent very stable, although i dont think that has to be the case
i think the guys who laid out the boards in these cases werent as smart as the guys who designed the circuit
in one case, a Vbe multiplier transistor was heatsinked on the opposite side of the sink as the power amps

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should work in any feedback application, it has to pull current to maintain correct output, so one side of the totem is going to stay on
makes a lot of sense, actually

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yup, +/-15V is the vanilla audio application
i think theyre rated to 18v max
im not sure they swing rail to rail either
if you need cheaper, TL082 are pretty good
a lot of stuff ive worked on, TL072 in the signal path, and TL082 for comparators and other secondary applications

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yeah if you can keep the LEDs under 10mA its maybe okay
maybe move to a beefier opamp?
what rail voltage?
yeah so cant use TL074 or something like that
how much current were you using in the LEDs before?
maybe you can change capacitance in the filters to make it works with a bit less current
something like 7mA per LED is prob cool, and yeah maybe heats up a little
yeah but at 8V io gonna be pretty limited

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neat, interesting in seeing this when its all done, the prototype was a cool build
well, check short circuit current of the opamps, if its not more than the LED current by a bit, transistors maybe good idea
but if you can avoid them i will
dead shorting decent opamps usually doesnt hurt them
but transistors can blow easy
prob not a problem except for debugging, tho
*i would

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if they both have a gain of 20dB, youre up to like 200mV DC offset
like, my older audio hacker buddy would say to put DC coupling caps after every stage because we dont make DC amps in audio
this advice, i dont follow so much unless the opamps are complete shit or its a long signal chain
his advice like, never trust greater than 100kohm in audio, i do try to follow
yeah youre fine i think, 5mV DC offset isnt going to kill you
and it wont make it paste the output cap
you can always put it in and jumper it if you eventually want to use the board for higher gain
fuck yeah that was a cool circuit
did you find a coupler part that will work or are you making your own?

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kostix: it depends if you can deal with the DC offset
honestly i think its fine like that
datasheets says 2mV Vos typical
if it clips yeah
otherwise should be fine
what gain were you going to run on the two filter stages?

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i dont remember where, but a brit was talking about his adjustable spanner collection
it was indeed an impressive collection, but the joke is you only need one
like, for him, it was like a joke hobby
blackmoon: neat
i bet eck0 seen some hardcore pliers

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yeah but that joint type is pretty standard for higher leverage
ive had to do probablems with it in like two ME classes
well google harder now im all curious
ha wtf probablems
also, wtf @ plier enthusiasts

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fulcrum? pivot? pin?
that works
like that?
what was diff?

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yeah i wouldnt mind smaller laptop and mines like 15"
i had the first netbook, it was usable
so pretty much anything that fits im fine with

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i had a dell that flew off the roof of my car and spun a few times across the parking low
worked fine, shrug
yeah, my lattitudes had serial port, was awesome
i wouldnt want a built in optical drive
usb optical is neat, considering how little i use that shit
finger print login is pretty neat if youre not worried about spies
not trying to have mfkrs cut off my finger =(
i use it on my phone, gov already has my prints
what does transit drop mean

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how high can you drop those from?
i hope they come out with shaving nanobots soon

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he said ologys, yo
he is doing his part to change the language

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wood is like natures composite
if there is fire close enough to your propeller to burn it you prob got other problems

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that said, you can design for millions of cycles pretty reasonable with Al
they planes out of the shit
shrug, im over weight limit on all my parts, 3/4 of my cruisers were aluminum
the steel one just wasnt fun to ride
the steel one was like, jump off a three story building, bike fine
you would die, but someone could pick it up and ride off with it fine
prob not, money super tight
k msg'd
ty lots

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tho the way you said it, it seems like you were saying opposite
ha, nice
Al has a fatigue limit, its basically zero
doesnt have a fatigue limit makes me think like, infiniti stress, but yeah either is kind of right
Al has no armor rating

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have to relist bike
maybe just wait until kids get back, everyone interested is like 100 miles away
on the upside, they clean up the leaves in the street when there are no drunk kids everywhere, is all super clean and quiet outside

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brakes look like theyll break off in my hand...

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rab: if i got mtn bike it wouldnt have suspension
even the somewhat expensive ones kind of look pussy compared to BMX running gear
but theres a neat park here so considering it

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