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blackmoon: fuck, hes exactly my age
but right, i expected to find pics of some mid late 40s dude before i realized how i old i was when i saw home alone
also louis theroux documentaries, fuck ya
theres like dozens of them maybe
mfkr gets up in the shit
he doesnt look like mexican mom

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blackmoon: hes like our age
little younger, prob early 30s
or arent you younger than me? maybe your age

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This film does not revolve around Kevin, but centers on Alex Pruitt, a young boy who is home alone with the chickenpox, but soon recovers. At the same time, four burglars working for a North Korean terrorist group are sent by their boss to retrieve a top-secret microchip that can act as a cloaking device for a missile.
and then i stopped reading
yeah home alones and die hards happened around same time
ah, nope die hard is 88/90

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merry xmas
longer than that
wtf there was a home alone 3?
it was like 88 or 89 i think

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but then it would be really dark
like all the time

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btw dont buy their audio connectors, theyre pretty sad
neutrik guys said its because its just some other company amphenol bought, forgot which

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