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there is nothing new in these links
dinosaur links

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or a pack that pushes in one side, pushing another pack out the other side
or an f-zero inductive charging strip
transparent shielding!

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i think they need to engineer quick automated battery swaps

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they just wouldnt run those rules
it hasnt been about going faster for a long time
F1 has been hybrid w/ fuel use limits for awhile, and FE is energy limited to the point of being comical
right im saying unlimited racing is somewhat dead
can am might have been the last series like that, in the 70s
and once porsche decided they wanted to win it, they dominated with the 917/30 and killed the series
mclaren is doing new full race batteries for season after next
dunno how they are planning to pull that off
new chem would be neat

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less grip
the track is assphault, its actually a bit sticky when its warm
ass fault.

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their lowest run was way under 4 hours wasnt it?
which is pretty sad

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blackmoon: thats why theyre made to wear at specific intervals
they have to use at least two of three three available compounds per race
tubaman_: i meant they werent using the same sites each time

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blackmoon: verstappen did it in an F1 car
chains go on at 4:00, the studded snow tires werent enough
testing methodology
tubaman_: their tests were random browsing from what i understand
tho arguably thats a better irl test than benchmarks
and tire wear literally isnt a problem
its by design
and it puts pirelli in a weird position
they have to design tires that wear quickly per spec, but dont just blow the fuck up when pushed
tubaman_: they werent as far as i know

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exgf's less-exciting gift was big box of amazon pantry food
which was pretty fuckin exciting

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wait what
you employee thinks craigslist is too hard? so hes just not going to do it?
and hes still your employee?
is he 9?
sleep and eat cookies!
damn yo
i was going to map breakers to outlets today

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not enough information
if you mean how hard it is to use these things to list items... arent you an computer professional? click the things
ebay is the biggest ripoff in terms of return vs sale cost, but you get way more exposure

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