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macegr_: http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/portland-ceo-pay-1.3886955
are you going to be effected by this!?
google says just use impacted

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its a very neat concept
to redesign it when we figure out if it works? what?
it makes sense in a lab if youre comfortable using it
like, non-product dev prototypes, true prototypes
something like a controller/logger for an experiment, or a qa test setup

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i dunno why he was showing us, is like yo i cant green light your useless app, all i can do is tell my boss everything that your vapor firmware doesnt do, that we need it to do
all of them
i think this exists
dead_body: i would say its a good idea to get one to play with, if dev board is cheap, but its kind of old now
learning ARM and/or FPGA would make more sense
yeah buts prob still $$$ for convenience

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no was local guys
because right, all the cypress engineers were in india

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we couldnt use old chips and old library because they EOL'd it
timecop: cypress send us to a contractor, at the first f2f meeting, they showed up with some demo iphone app for our product
instead of the firmware

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selecting the right design out the gate instead of getting sold on something universal/quick/easy is more important
mcbadders: i dont know that its a support problem in general, the audio stuff was done very specific to some application
if you designed around that it would work, but our shit was designed around how their old library was setup, so fucked

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my impression was the experts on the original and new version of the abstraction libraries were no longer working at cypress, so if the issue wasnt top level users are hosed
the marketing datasheets look really neat, tho

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its peripherals are implimented in a very modular fasion, and interconnects between the modules and io are very multiplexed
its expensive, very appropriate for prototyping but not as much for mass production, which limits there usefulness in development prototypes
i dont have a very nice opinion regarding their audio library support
i was on a project and they pushed us towards a contractor instead of helping us, and the contractors were expensive and useless

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