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i will build it at a particle level with nano helpers
because [FUTURE YEAR]

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neat i will make my robot hip out of it

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ha @ skull cricible in first line
neodymium = purple fake diamonds, who knew

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like a pre nup
rab: xps 13 looks pretty neat, also lots of refurbed ones to gamble on if i want

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how do you turn it into clear
furious squishing?
zirconium crystalizes clear, no? this is like, universal fake diamond
like i wouldnt have guessed it was a malleable metal, not like shiny 99.999% carbon foil is a thing
i dunno i assumed its made out of zirconium
ooooh its oxidized
shrug, lots of oxides are clear, much less excited now
yeah but i cant crumple the foil and squish into clear

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blackmoon: omg so many questions
also thats interesting because the color and like, timing? of the flash from those bulbs and magnesium strips in science class was pretty similar
also wtf shredded ziconium

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those were magnesium?

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