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heh, buy 24V supply, turn trimmer CW

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omg snake

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omg you did worms

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he says so
well no he says the game is about endless finnish summer so i assumed
ice everywhere there, so endless summer prob very special, heh
sculptor: haha yeah he sounds like a kimi
oh huh, ya i didnt make that connection

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haha @ two of the drivers on google card list represented as their rally cars doing crazy shit instead of their photo
'Physics bugs' is listed as feature in my summer car

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fuck how is that tile an optical illusion
i guess lighting gradient did it
oh shit is finnish
these guys like cars and theres ice like everywhere where they live
result is they are very good at cars

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blackmoon: waddis
my summer car?
what do they mean permanent death?
also why is there not an actual drunk driving simulator with latency on the rendering and more latency on input

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