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blackmoon: ha that ones kind of cool

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i dont use touchwiz
cyanogen makes it a microsoft phone
the only time i had a sumsung phone, it was nexus branded and i ran cyanogen

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vanilla android does dual window now
screens are big enough now that its useful

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In January 2015, it was reported that Microsoft had invested in Cyanogen, and that this might be part of a strategy to create an Android version that worked well with Microsoft platforms.[68][69] In April 2015, Cyanogen announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft, to integrate Microsoft apps and services into Cyanogen OS.[70] In January 2016, Cyanogen rolled out an update that started advertising Microsoft applications when a user attempts to open c
honestly since last few versions of android, cyanogenmod stopped being much of an improvement to me
and then yeah, licensing and commercialization issues
im fine with vanilla android

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260C, nice
sucks itself into small gaps
more than tiny drop just makes a mess, stuff is pretty neat
isnt green maintenance?
theres a lot of overlap in colors
loctite prob makes like 500 diff adhesives

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yeah that stuff on small hardware is usually permanent, the heads often strip before the screw breaks loose
even normal loctite if theres enough threads

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ham: in what pic?
its just a hard slightly flexible glue
a lot of factories dont use threadlocker, they just drop glue on the top of the screwheads so they dont turn
some old japanese stuff, too, pretty sure nintendos have it
on the heads?
or on the threads
thats threadlocker
you can get screws with some type of loctite pre-applied
its pastier than the normal wicking stuff
yeah its neat but pretty expensive

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fresh berries in cereal seem less awesome than frozen ones

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eh, its not worth taking them in you can do that at home yourself

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so the drawing should be smaller or the table should be smaller?
the table should be brought to the previous page if it fits
the table and drawing dont fit, i dont think the drawing size should be reduced
anyway pretty sure formatting is by template and thats just how shit happened
i like their docs in general so dont agree

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if anything i would be annoyed if the drawing wasnt enlarged to fill all available space if its the only drawing of that type
if there are other drawings, i am okay with them scaling them the same for consistency
and i would be happy they even put the dimensions in the document at all instead of refencing some general company package document
because i hate that

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i dunno maybe they dont use xpdf and do not understand your problems
because there were things before it in the document which pushed the diagram towards the bottom of the page
and they didnt want to leave a big blank space
and most pdf readers can scroll
well then because the table is too big and they didnt want to cut it up
what you want doesnt fit unless they make things smaller, which i dont think is a better option

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theres multiple pages of seperation or something?
xpdf can do side by side view?
or continuous page view?
maybe you should leverage the power of a pdf reader that doesnt suck

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