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blackmoon: that game is awesome!
imagine FPGA, but with tons of cubically connected cores instead of gates

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i am stuck on last level

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tubaman: no i dont fb
ha neat
tubaman: do you has steam?
play tis-100
multicore assembly programming, with one register, one mem location, and 4 ports
per core
the story is partially in the pdf assembly code manual

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from the interweb
actually, Fry's
not in this city
but in LA

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if you have to ask the question, definitely no
if you try and use the information, you may come off as a kiss ass or being passive agressive, and in both cases as kind of creepy
spend the time researching the company
try and ask as many questions as they ask of you
dont be afraid to ask them to clarify a question, ask questions about your daily role, about others currently and previously in your role, about the facilities and resources available to you to do work
thats a lot of mind cycles wasted when you should be focused

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this pan warped concave instead of convex and my eggs always slammin into each other in the middle

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with very good reason
that said, thats theoretical
mankind destroying mankind is the current situation
ai might very well just decide that that is our goal and help us towards it

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i think abtract learning AI will be able to crack encryption way faster than estimated
well prob spend decades reverse engineering how the fuck systems like that figured out to solve the problems

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