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timecop: in 2016 film caps are still huge
tho i ended up going with giant SMD this time instead of TH

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1x18650 > nxAAA
how is it work?
you put it in a charger
instead of going to the store to buy more
its arguably much, much less work
oh, thats why i use 18650

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in any case i managed to get myself mainstreamed in a normal high school senior year, was in an advanced algebra class, and was accepted to like 5 state schools
then i dropped out because abstract math is pretty fucking annoying when youre basically in survival mode
i got a 18650 flashlight like that, was pretty awesome after i shorted out the blink chip

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also if youre probation and not child services, you go to juvie if you dont comply
and are over-medicated
juvie probabation and childrens services are both linked to dep of mental health, which provides means to extend the bullshit well past your 18th bday
because the non juvie doctors are like JEZUS FUCK THEY WERE GIVING YOU WAY TOO MUCH
every place i was stored at was closed down for child endagerment and/or health insurance fraud
as proven in childrens court
so effectively secret, due to childrens privacy issues
also overdosing kids gaurantees their withdrawal symptoms lead to behavior that can be used as evidence of a need for medication
in this context, phychotropic medication is a complete scam
they create the conditions, they dont treat them
kids who refused medication were often written up as taking it anyway

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my mom worked at the school and from what ive heard everyone assumed she was physically abused by my dad
she wasnt, he was asshole though
naw, huge distinction
i truly believe that one of the biggest differences between me and normal people with my bakground is that i wasnt abused physically or sexually as a child
and neither was my mother
honestly, verbal abuse between parents is pretty common
everyone is not molested
a lot of people in the childrens welfare system have been
success rates, with success only being defined as not dead institutionalized or imprisoned, is something like 25%
yeah its definitely a matter of degrees
it is prison in some facilities

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7th grade was geometry, slight repeat of shit from a few years earlier but with algebra
my 2nd year of high school my life had basically disintegrated into something that didnt work with academics
i was enrolled in a special program for significant underachievers, and eventually i had the head counselor and my counselor arguing about whether i should be in the program
basically i told the head counselor i was a waste of a spot if other kids were willing to apply themselves
she agreed, and within a semester i was in LA department of children and family services schools
which are basically setup for handling special ed kids
i refused gifted track in elementary school
maybe, shrug
i was just lazy and had no discipline and bored as fuck w/ accomodating parents

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and LED math is 2nd grade
thats the point im making ohsixi
we know, youre a fucking genius, its also why your experiences arent that relative to typical ones
pretty sure i didnt algebra 2 until freshman in high school, and i got accepted to engineering colleges
like, i didnt go, but i got accepted
much older
and it doesnt sound much diff now, kids are taking calc course as juniors as seniors if theyre AP, theres usually a pre-calc semester after the advanced algebra semester, which comes after trig

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fuck them tho, we had to spend like 3 weeks reviewing basic logic and electronics, because the comp sci kids dont have the same prereqs for the course as the EE and mechatronic majors
like, i think this is their tradoff since all of engineering is taking their intro C++ class
CS kids dont know ohms law
i dont ecen think they have to take E&M in physics dep
and some of them have no concept of binary numbers
prob because 0b or 2_ are not things in c++
yeah, no
you realize not everyone does the same math course in high school?

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im sure they do
but the code originally looks like xample code pasted from some demo firmware that has the definitions at the top of the main loop file
i think he just wants us to look up and use the addys directly
in this lab, we get away from opcode cycle counting to generate delays and actually use systick
without ints, tho, kinda lame
timecop: also we're still doing asm =D i dont think c is going to happen in this course
comp sci kids prob like WHY ARENT WE ARDUINO ITT

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timecop: also we're not given register definition file i the assignment file zip
so we have to look them up and make or own EQU if we dont want to use mem addys (i dont he ever explained this to fellow kids)

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no pain no gain jero32

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75dB-SPL at a meter?
wtf is dBm, isnt that like dB-mW through a specified load or something
75 DB-SPL aint shit
osha 8 hours daily exposure limit is like 85dB
most small speakers that are competitive are made to operate at about 100 dB-SPL without extreme distortion
pro sound speakers that operate at 130 dB-SPL sustained are pretty normal
75 dB-SPL is literally like, going outside
yeah well its not the amplitude its the content

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with what and what settings

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either way its negligible consider how many people are actually getting blown up
also if it were fake and not a drill, it only points out that its a troubled situation where people are trying to bring more attention too
this is probably prefferable than actually having more people blown up
not like blown up people are in short supply in those regions

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sculptor: lame, this time they forgot to stage the blood and ripped apart and torn open bodies like in the other fake vids

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rab: omg sex

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its very heavy, with moderate levels of grip, and one of the fastest 60mph times in the industry, and an experimental power source
hell its practically a concept car for people
the doors on the fuckin SUV dont even work
eck0 is less dangerous than the average tesla
i dont know if you know what that means, but its bad
eck0: we got trees bigger than cars in norcal
should prob stay away
theyre super neat!

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shrug, regular people with exotic levels of power arent safe
plenty of vids on the internet that make this point
its a supercar

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