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i think trying to nuke texas is a one of the riskiers decisions one could take
texas is neither pacifist nor uneducated
if they didnt gank some nukes during the revolution, im sure they could make some of their own if MAD deterrence is their goal
thats not true
the way you win is by wiping out your enemies capabilities before yours are wiped out
okay when nukes fly, stand there
well then it sounds like destroying their nukes or their ability to launch is the way to go
so disable them all

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morning comrades
rab: are you celebrating the future independence of texas and california yet?

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oh you mean the site?
ohsixi this is news from like 2009

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so youre saying those update flash popups arent malware?

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could settle for a decent usb scope tho
their software is so crap tho
newer ones have decent res but bosses keep buying me shit must be like 5 years old, no-Mpx things
yeah one place ive worked had that one, works

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haha, i bet it fucks with those parasitic range coils the RF girl was using
like, wtf are you joking?
$2 cap, its prob just some end terminals with nothing except epoxy in betweem
the coils were somewhat open tho
like, couple turns around a tiny tiny ferrite inside a little 0402 plastic box
imagine that with like, one turn
big as a truck under a microscope
i wouldnt mind a cheap boom scope

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tubaman_: also i do a lot of rework basically submerged in gel flux
so yeah, takes a decent amount of alc
not worth the wait
shrug, it takes 10 seconds to spray down the board while holding it over a trash can while hitting it with a brush
flap wildly for 5 seconds to dry
yeah a lot of connectors and little relays dont like the alc
they seem fine if you get a little on them but i guess if submerged they will craze or melt
oh also little mics
they annoying because you cant get flex in them

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tf is a palmtop computer
do they mean a smartphone?
why is micro italic and not capitalized in MicroPOWER
tubaman_: i like those, that little bottle wouldnt last me 5 min
and then ill cut the bristles on those to like 1/2 or 1/3 length
dont leave as much behind as q-tips

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ac-130u: hey do you guys clean off all boards with alc solutions or just when using certain types of flux or after hand soldlering?
im assuming youre still an assembly super-ninja
like, do you guys clean all boards unless there are parts which cannot deal with it?
shrug, not really doing at this exact moment, buy i prob have some gel flux and mg chem flux pen around
also i know better than to take no-clean flux literally
the no clean stuff takes months/years before i notice it doing weird stuff to the copper and solder
yeah im ridiculous with the 99% alc squirt bottle
timecop: haha
timecop: points if you can find something that mentions an ISA bus

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arial and times new roman are your homies
ive courier for headings sometimes
resumese are a cene where courier font is an extreme and questionable decision
but <3 that monospace
itd have to be a trade that both knows what a courier font is and doesnt hate you for it
on a marketing resume it would be career suicide
theyre from the 80s
these are people who ran win 9x in hot pink w/ comic sans

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my guess is the only people who are going to be impressed are some grunt level techs
and theyre not hiring
all that said, i think resumes done strictle in courier font can be hella sexy with some underlines for headings or similar
but again, this is as a PDF where your font and formatting are controlled
basically a text file requires everyone reading it to know wtf theyre doing
and HR prob doesnt even know what a text editor is
like, if youre sending in a resume with no contacts or leads inside, its going to go through HR first
and theyre likely to can anything except doc or pdf, just on grounds of professionalism
nik1: make it look like something out of an 80s daisy or matrix printer or something
i really like that style
HR might think its kind of weird but if its extremely legible, like it should be in that style, theyll still push it through

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.txt has no formatting so its a non starter
it may just get ignored, you may get attention but not in a good way
there are people who would think its neat, but they are much less common, and id guess less likely to be in a hiring role
like, personally i think formatting should be extremely basic, basically something to seperate the section titles from the content, and thats it
like, a marketing position resume is going to be diff than an engineering one, ideally
like, im most impressed by the resume that have very minimal formatting
this is also true with reports and spreadsheets, if you have too much in the way of non template formatting, people wonder how you have all this spare time to dick around with ms office
tabs will fuck you
anyway, with a text resume youre gambling
you have no control over the settings of the users text editor
resumes are about content and looks, a text file has zero look

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05:05:27 < nik1> thoughts on txt vs pdf, for resumes?
PDF always
blackmoon: gpu caps have wtf low esr
pretty sure anything except most expesive caps will be marginal
tubaman_: panasonic FM is their best cap in typical capacities, so often out of stock
FC is almost as good as FM and tend to be available more
like, if your shit wont work with FC its prob going to be marginal with FM
nik1: because formatting is preserved better vs .doc file and its more difficult to edit
basically anything thats released should be PDF

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wonder if zipcar knows how many times i floored the jetta in manual shift mode
wont even break the tires loose unless you yank on the steering
way neater than the focus, tho
maybe zipcar <3s me because with me it gets to live

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kastein: the size of the transformer and the rectifier
likely the electronics will fit underneath
can prob fit those under
my guess is with decent efficiency, its going to be a little bigger than an apple charger cube
the usb-c stuff is about that size
tho my guess is you cand find something that will work and build around that
just because common application

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fork through a visor slit

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gets a bit meta if they have him eating curry

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tubaman_: maybe getting your wish soon
WEC is getting as much hype as F1 for a few years, this is pretty big
'For 18 years, the brand was active in Le Mans prototype racing. During this period, it scored 13 victories in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and set numerous technical milestones.'
fuck theyre good
i wouldnt be surprised if topgear did self driving car stuff, even if just for their silly segments
and yeah, self driving cars don't really exist until they have a top gear track time

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ha wtf

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they killed the sports car
which is what was needed to push electric cars, people have been saying that since before thr prius
so yeah, theyre not about driving, theyre about selling products for profit
i dont want people like this programming cars
the tercel looking ones?
yeah those were so far under the radar
prob wouldnt last as long
im sure they went through a billion test cycles figuring out duty cycles that wouldnt kill the engine with startups in 100k miles
they seem to be fine to like 200-300k, normal toyota stuff

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i think its going to be a total shitshow at first, lots of contact, which should be enlightening
tubaman_: yeah its either going to be flat out with tons of punting and flying carbon, or its going to be fucked up slow
the thing is eventually the autonomous cars should greatly exceed the performance of the driven cars
well, or theyre going to move to gsuits in racing
im kind of surprised they havent yet
even then, reaction times are getting too small, even with the non-race unlimited spec hypercars
also i think its telling tesla isnt participating in roborace but faraday future is
i dont think elon can even handle the concept of losing

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like, there will always be bugs, thats a given and i guess an acceptable kill rate
but theres an issue of driving habits thats subjective that i dont necessarily trust programmers with
rab: they said one was enough and killed at least one mfkr
so what, they just keeping adding sensors incrimentally until people stop dying?
they want to dev the tech safely, they should race
rab: yes, lets not start over in the 40s
also, youre wrong as not all automotive technology is developed like that
a lot of safety has come from aerospace via racing or just from racing
racing is a safe way to dev technology
beta testing with actual meat baffles is irresponsible
rab: well you suggested, sorry
roborace, formula-e has drivers

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rab: my argument still holds
the majority of the people you know are still alive
and you could just as well be thinking the same thing about reobot cars in 10 years
initial rollout suggests this will be the case
yeah assuming the automation works
and right now i dont think it does and the death rates would be higher
nothing is ever as baked as marketing claims
and marketing is basically claiming is half baked but doesnt matter because you prob signed a eula
they should be using fucking everything available and cross referencing on an isolated processor
which isnt the problem rab, its that it could see but kept going
so one has to wonder if it even knew it couldnt see
im sorry but so far automation is clearly a deathtrap, and arguments for it are as silly as 3d printing for affordable mass production
rab: right, so it should have slowed down
and if it didnt know to, the sensor array is insufficient

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musk just wants to be cool
they obviously dont care about splashing people
and the mistakes so far are really basic oversight
rab: if it were released largew scale now the number of accidents would skyrocket
also, you cant hack stupid drivers
which is what % of all accidents?
and really i dont know about that
drunk people will want to drive to prove they can drive drunk
this is pretty common, and in general drunk drivers seem to be proud of their skills
and theres no evidense that there will be less drunk driving deaths than system bug deaths
rab your arguments make sense in 10 to 20 years
but initial rollout makes it pretty clear its not ready
im sorry you cant see a truck perpendicular to traffic, youre a shit driver and shouldnt be on the road
if you couldnt see because of the sun, and you didnt slow the fuck down, youre a shit driver
im sorry but i do not trust the programmers at tesla to be safe drivers
i trust them to hit deadlines becausde their boss nuts and because they like their status job
rab: and yet you are alive
i am alive
most people you know who drive are alive

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its a lot like 3d printing
really the technology is pretty shitty, dev prototype level at best, but people think its neat because lazy and dont want to DFM, so fuckit
3d print everything
3d printing tech thats usable for mass production is prob 10-20 years out
i feel the same way about self driving tech
they push it sooner and people die, they need to be taken to court and held responsible
i cant stand apple but they dont shrug off killing mfkrs
its semi legal
i think you basically have to get clearance from local DOT
its probably case by case, requires crazy amounts of insurance, and not enough clauses
rab: honestly, idiot human drivers are surpringly awesome
because people dont want to die
people complain about LA being dangerous, but overall the crash rates are average, with crazy high density and speeds

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theres going to be some fucked up accidents before they back off on progress
personally i think a lot of what is going on is misleading and profit driven
pedestrians are going to die and theyre going to make real laws and standards
im sorry but i dont trust elon musk for shit in this regards
mfkr just wants to be the coolest CEO
their responses to the previous accidents are telling
mfkr is dead, so yeah definitely driver error
even tho the car was driving
car crashed into a truck auto parking
driver error, the car cant see high truck bumper
mfkrs, how you gonna sell your sensor systemns as safe doesnt know not to drive under a fucking truck
and the excuse of 'the truck was white and it was sunny' is just amateur
tubaman_: driver error, the truck was white and it was sunny
they want to be first, and people are going to die because of it, and as far as im concerned this goes directly to elon
because average person wants to drive without paying attention
the difference is now they dont have to feel responsible when they kill people

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i have zipcar jetta today so i can reup pantry
fuck zipcar focus, like they filled the torque converter with tar
rental focus i has w/ CVT was just as shitty
anyway, sometimes i forget why i <3 manual transmissions so much
then i derive an automatic transmission, and its like jezus fuck man i am literally not in control of the car
shit is just doing what it wants, taking as long as it wants to do it, doesnt respond much to lift
4 speed with decent kickdown is fine as long as shit isnt so heavy feels like youre pulling the car with a rubberband
like, somehow my fucking volvo 740 felt lighter with its auto then the focus and camry's ive driven
yeah i dont mean literal band i just mean torque converter spool up times
shit feels like driving a motorboat
also the engine speed road speed disconnect is just weird

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and bechamel isnt part of the beefaroni sauce
red pepper and ginger is just because me making pasta sauce
my sister does red pepper and cloves, surprisingly tasty
rab: what about miso wheat beer?
not like the texture would change
im sure its been done by a craft brewery, that in no way means that its actually good
100 forum posts about how they brewed it and it was amazing is also pretty meaningless
im just having beer

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rab: yes exactly, and this is why he should never be taken seriously
man all i have to eat is wheat beer and a pastichio inspired pasta sauce w/ no pasta
oh and i guess also miso powder packs
maybe pastichio miso beer
it means it has a fuckton of cinnamon and nutmeg in it
yeah but thats not what makes it pastichio inspired
it has ground beef, mad cayyenne pepper flake and decent amount of ginger

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