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ham: fuck diagnostics
parts cannon the mfkr

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theres a whole category of chips for that =)
im just guessing from the timeline, but CD was a 44.1khz standard, and thats about the min you need
and 48khz may have been introduced as a studio standard because its more than that
so filtered and recorded analog and digitized 44.1, digital artifacts prob not a problem
multiples of 44.1 and 48 are pretty common
so theres like 176.8 or whatever
doidic is a frenchy so im not surprised adat is 48khz

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nice, not surprised they move a ton of those
yeah they will usually go from bit under 44 to bit above 96 at least
adat is 48k i think
Later generations record at two sample rates, the 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz rates commonplace in the audio industry, although the original Blackface could only do 48 kHz.
-wiki, so late 80s early 90s

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i am totally procrastinating by reading a doc about how not to procrastinate

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k neat that was the one i almost got
i think that was middleware
doublecheck licensing if you are one who cares

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rab: which $3 dev board did you get?

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yeah even with the solder wicked up the pins the pin sockets goes on fine

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i found my discovery board!
dual row female pin sockets fit super snug
all continuity checks okay

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hmm discovery board lost
the anti static bag i thought was it is just some useless hdd

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neat i got $21 class action lawsuit check
ya fuck wells fargo! no idea what this is for tho
hmm weird at dupont wire
meh, is just some random length an engineer chose at the last minute
jero32: you stomp it down onto female pin sockets

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oh lame duckduckgo didnt direct link, anyway thats the only think i can find looks like the wrenches im thinking of
they probably sucked else sears would still sell them
i think those work similar

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rab: i think sears sold wrenches like that in the 90s
diff geometry but same idea, keep the force off the hex points

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trains taking the corners with full oppo

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rab: voice coil marketing bullet point
functionally, lower moving mass for a given thermal power limit, cant think of anything else
oh i guess its cheaper, too

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